Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunny Sunday

The project for this week is to finish my water lillys bag. I did some knitting during my last break at Mum and Dads. The piece wasn't large enough fr a whole bag so I worked some pre-felt on the embellisher and have made a panel for the front. I haven't worked out what to do for a strap, but this will be the challenge for the week ahead.
It has been a lovely sunny day here, just right for a photo shoot, shame I didn't find a hairbrush first!! I bought a skein of hand spun yarn some time back after my sweet sister in law gave me some money to treat myself (thanks Nila!).
I wasn't totally confident about crocheting it but knew I wanted to make a kind of shawl and hoped crochet would give me a loose texture without having to remember a complex pattern. In hindsight I could have used a bigger hook.
Once the wool ran out I edged the scarf/wrap in a lovely silky black yarn and then decided it needed some beads to soften the contrast. I have never knitted with beads and would probably get all het up at the thought, somehow because I don't know how to crochet a just bunged some beads on the wool and had a go. I really like how the beads add weight and another texture. I thought this would be a summer wrap but as the wool is a little itchy on my skin it will be a Spring/Autumn garment and I think it'll look nice over a black or grey top to tart it up a bit. (gosh aren't I the elegant one?!)


wonderwoman said...

it looks absolutely gorgeous!


Jude said...

Good for you! I love crocheting but can't for the life of me do long all my projects are round and small...I love crocheting and have promised myself I will get the hang of it soon...I want to make a ripple blanket..
Take care

Griffin said...

Coo, get you Mrs Fashion Model! That looks rather lovely. Given the colours you may want a contrast against it tho', just so people can see it and ask you where you got it from!!

Lululiz said...

The wrap looks really lovely. The colours are so pretty.

nila said...

You're welcome my lovely. The wrap is gorgeous by the way.