Sunday, 27 January 2008

Egg cosey

Found the pattern to make this little chick cosy for hiding a chocolate egg this morning and knitted it up during Annas' nap. Will thought it was very dubious and looked more like a duck, he was very keen to eat the egg I bought to check it fitted though.
To knit use 3.25m needles. Cast on 24 sts K 2 rows. Inc 1 stitch at beg of each row until you have 36 sts. K 2 more rows. Cast off 11 stitches at beg of next 2 rows. K 12 rows. k2tog across row. Thread wool through remaining 7 sts and sew up chick leaving enough room to fit egg up it's bum! Decorate with felt beak and little eyes.

Doll making needle

I ordered this needle when placing an order with Myriad who sell the most amazing toys and craft stuff for children(?) I found them when searching for 100% wool felt. They have an amazing selection of colours. I resisted this time so kept the damage to 80p! They also sell hand needle felting kits and I am not sure how long I can resist buying one of those!

Valentine Fairy

I got totally side-tracked by an urge to knit. I started this little fairy in bed on Monday night and she was finshed off on Saturday. I am considering sending these as

my Christmas cards next year but I would like to do her hair in fluffy wool.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hexagon pot-pourri

Another finished project; I'm on a roll! I am quite pleased with this now that it is finished. The lining went in really nicely and I love making twisted cords. (Originally the pull cord was ribbon but Simon rightly said he thought it looked a bit thin on such a chunky little pot) I also really liked the fabric beads at the end of the cord to neaten it all off. I have put some lavender in the bag and it is on top of the radiator cover in our bedroom to help me sleep soundly and dream of the next project!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Wool, glorious wool!

Couldn't resist this the second purchase of 2008. This wool was going cheap in the shop on the sea-front in Deal. I think the pinky wool may find it's way into some knitted hearts as valentines decorations. The gorgeous cream should really go to Mum as I'm sure she'd do it proud in one of her knitted bags or scenes. (it may still go in with her birthday present at the end of this month.) Or I might split them both with her and knit the cream into a flower for a brooch. I have just thought about using my brooches as decorations on presents I'm many possibilities.

Brown bag, it's finished!

Thanks for your encouragement Sam, I finished this whilst keeping an eye on the children. Not sure where it will go but as it's a collaboration I suspect it will be an Easter gift for one of my lovely relatives! Looking forward to doing another project with Mum, she is so much better at construction and finihing things than me. Although two finished bags already this year has got to be some kind of record!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

York Minster

This is by far the most complex work in progres and probably the one with the most potential. I began it on a weekend course with Opus tutored by Julia and Alex Caprara. I have grand ideas for this odd-shaped fabric collage but am a bit nervous about how to progress it. It is not benefiting from being stuffed in a carrier bag in a cupboard and I know that I just need to get stuck in.

Wessex wallhanging

Stumbled across this panel in with my crochet thread. I had begun by knitting up a ball of very pretty wool. I thought the two I bought would be enough for a scarf, but after knitting one it was clear this was not the case. I had recently bought a book called Wessex Stitchery an even-weave technique which appealed to me. I like working even weave on good old hessian so combined the two and then couldn't get excited about finishing it. Think I would like it to be a hanging with extra tassels and hessian embroidered motifs hanging from the bottom.

Hawaii bag

I've finished the bag! It feels good. My first finished project of 2008. Bad news is that I have found two more part finished items and started another today! I am pleased with this little sweetie, not massively practical but pretty and quirky, so a good reflection of the girl I made it for. The knotted braid handle is a new one on me and I'm not sure I was fully concentrating so is a little lumpy. Thanks to those of you who have voted on what I should finish next, just off to do a bit more on the front runner!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Annas' quilt

This is my third ever quilt so don't look too closely at the corners! I am making it for my daughter, Anna. She will be two next summer. I am hand quilting it and it is a slow but soothing process, also good for keeping cosey on these cold nights. Obviously if I had pulled my finger out it would be keeing Anna cosey!

Silk Bag

I made a lovely Elizabethan silk bag with spring flowers on another Embroiderers Guild residential weekend. I started this more autumnal one and have put some silk away for a pink summer one, I think this would be a really nice series.

Cow bag

Another 2007 Christmas present! My friend Jenni is quite fond of cow prints and I thought she might find a little bag usefull. This pattern is designed for quilting but I think it may be un-necessarily complicated, have a feeling this might get bodged together as a gift bag for her birthday prsent at the end of March.

Apple casket

I started this after attending a weekend course with Janet Edmunds. I finished one casket and Dad made me some lovely big beads out of apple wood for the fastening at the top. It didn't work on the original 'Honeysuckle' casket but inspired me to make this one. I feel the apples need to be machine embroidered which I am no good at. Sam Beresford is doing some local courses on silk shading so maybe that would be an option......

Brown bag

This one is .....yes you've guessed it another Kmiko Sudo design. Mum and I finished the bag as a joint project when she came to stay a few weeks ago, her applique is excellent, much better than mine. After finding a suitable scarf in the charity shop all I have to do is find a pretty way of attatching it as the strap, just puttig it off as I don't want to balls up something that Mum has made such a lovey job of!

Hexagon pot-pouri

This little hexagon pot pourri is another Kudiko Sumo design from another of her books 'Omiyage' I think. Anyway it was very time consumin to get this far and I can't quite believe I didn't fnish it off in the summer I haven't quite caught in one triangle and it could pop out at any time. I am a bit of a perfectionist so maybe this is why it is languishing. All it needs is a lining and a draw string with some braid and cute beads.........

On the go!

This is my Hawaii bag made from the pattern in 'Wagashi' a book by Kumiko Sudo. It was meant to be a Christmas present for Alice who is going off travelling at the end of the month (including to Hawaii). I hope I can get it finished for her before she goes!


Well my 'stash' of treasures has reached critical mass and something has to give. I would also dearly love to buy an emellishing machine. So 2008 is going to be the year when I try to whittle down my supplies and stretch my creativity. Here I will record all the purchases I make and money I make through selling my creations. This is my first purchase of the year at £3.75. If I need anything to finish a project I will use this Blog to try to swap something form my stash in the hopes you might have just what I need!


These are some of my recent creations. I have made these brooches from knitted flowers and some using the old seventies style flower loom. Of course I have added beads sequins and ribbons, because everythuing looks better with those, wouldn't you agree?