Friday, 23 October 2009

Folksy find

I have made a purchase for this month from a lesser known Folksy seller, if you'd like to join me then please feel free! Here is the link, if you do buy something perhaps you'd like to leave a comment and tell me?

I also have contributed a prize to the Shop Handmade UK competition, the prizes are fabulous and entry is by signing up to their newsletter- definitely worth a look!
This isn't the brooch I sent for the competition but is very similar!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Green is the colour

swapping is the game. And what a lovely game, a total pleasure, particularly as it has introduced me to Michela. I shall be forever grateful to Lululiz for pairing me up with such a glamorous and exotic partner- my parcel came from Venice! I asked for leafy green items in this colour themed swap and my beautifully wrapped parcels delivered on every occasion. I shall have great fun doing some green crafting- the chocolate has already been enjoyed in full! The kitchen set is too nice for real action so will be stowed to come out for the festive season to look all smart and cheery. Thanks so much Michela, your parcel will be with you soon I hope. I have also posted my Trashy Rainbow swap parcel and now wait with a little trepidation to see how it is received.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Everyday Lemonade

I have an award! Thank you so much Everyday Life. I think I may have some self esteem issues because this isn't the first award that's caught me by surprise. I have long followed Everyday Life- the imagery is gorgeous- but always thought that Lyn would never have noticed little me. What a lovely surprise to receive an award from her! I have updated my sidebar of links with a few more favourite blogs so can I ask that you follow a couple of links if you have a moment and maybe say Hi! to some other bloggers? It is such a great feeling to find a new connection!

I have also had a look on Folksy and found a seller who I'll be buying from this month. If you would like the link to the shop please leave a comment before Friday 1pm, as that is when the children and I will be heading down to Dorset for a week. This is good news for us and especially for Mary as I'll be taking my paper bag swap to work on and Mum is much classier than me so she will probably temper my flamboyance a little!

I hope you all have a brilliant half term, and any Dorset readers if you fancy meeting for a brew just say! See you soon. xxx

Sunday, 18 October 2009

The bag of delights

The third swap that I am taking part in is a paper bag swap. This doesn't sound very very exciting but let me tell is VERY exciting. Unexpectedly this is the most challenging swap I have ever taken part in. Contented is hosting and the rules were that should swap a bag containing two fat quarters, a spool of matching thread and any other treasure with a partner and then you make something out of what your partner sends you and you return it to them. Cool or what? No second guessing a persons likes and dislikes- no adding to your stash with things you think you might use, it's genius! I was paired with Mary, she is very classy and subtle and elegant so you can imagine my concern with sending her fabric from my stash!! Anyway you'll have to visit her blog if you'd like to see what I sent- it kind of has a 60's feel- and this is what she sent me! I have some ideas- oh yes be afraid Mary, I am going to give your subtle treasure the Jenny treatment!
Apart from the mad scheming I am all excited because we draw for a £50 bursary at our Embroiderers guild AGM each year and on Saturday my ticket was picked. I have a whole list of possibilities as to what I might do with the money. It is meant to be spent on improving my embroidery skills (I think!) and I'll need to tell the other memers what I did with it at next years AGM, but if youhave any ideas- please feel free to let me know!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Terrific Terri

I have this friend called Terri, she is a real friend, I am not imagining her or making her up. Just to help me prove this to my family and people who I have actually met Teri sent me what she calls a friendship parcel- I call it a 'blomingreatbigfatginormousboxoftreatslikewhatagoodlttlecraftermightgetforChristmasorsomesuc-hotherspecialoccasion' Here follow some (!) pictures;
My friend who I've met was here when the parcel arrived- she was excited too- especially when I said she could help herself to some sweeties!I haven't got this book, though have admired it before- and the fabric?- really cute!The book has some ace patterns- after I have made myself a horned hat I will move onto....Maybe not a knitted bikini! But there are some nice looking cuffs in there.Terri also included some of her ace crochet, I love the colours on these flowers.

These potholders are gorgeous too and technically baffling!

I should have added something for scale- this is a darling little square- coming soon to a brooch near- well me actually!

This pile of fluffy, felty, loveliness, in just my colours, is to embellish an indigo zip up felt purse which also came along for the ride- I'm thinking a paisley shape in honour of Terri.

No one was left out, the children each received T-shirts, colouring books, stickers, magic pens and crayons- (which is what is buying me the time to write this post!) but absolutely no prizes for guessing what Anna played with first;

I'm not sure what I will play with first, I can't thank you enough Terri. You are a real pal, in any and every sense of the word. xx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Hey doll face

I couldn't resist another Folksy purchase before I go hunting for undiscovered greatness, and this time I purchased one of these gorgeous lavender dolls. Beaky is very much discovered greatness- well certainly by me at least, I have hovered my little moue over these on more than one occasion! My little doll did not disappoint in the fabric in any way, the packaging on these make them very suitable to give as a gift as does the workmanship- add to that that they are very cute and I am very glad I now have one in my present stash just waiting for a friend or relative to coo over.
I was pleased that some of you like the Folksy consumerist kindness idea and I will select a seller next Wednesday for our 'hit'. Join in if you fancy- no pressure.
I have just got back from selling my own wares a a local fundraiser and I have to say the scarves were very popular. I kept telling myself to stop making them because I was enjoying it so much and now I have to make some more to restock, which is Brilliant! I did a little tiny bit of present shopping too, but for now I need a cup of tea and a good long sit down to recover. Does anyone else find fairs exhausting? Or am I a total lightweight?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Watch the birdie

These three little birds represent the three new babies that have been born to friends and family this summer. Zac, Madison and Sebastian, three little stunners! These birds were made from a pattern in Sew Hip magazine- in the original they had dangley legs but I wanted these to be able to perch on a high shelf, as they are definitely not a toy! I have added a felt heart onto each. These really stretched me simply because I struggle with raggy edges, isn't it funny how doing something as simple as that can make you squirm?!
I haven't yet made a Folksy Pay Day purchase from Septembers pay day because I have been mulling over a new idea. I saw a while back that a U.S group were organising people to buy from a previously un-discovered Etsy shop, all in one hit, like a random act of consumerist kindness. I wondered if something similar would work with Folksy. I picture that I might have a little list of people who I would e-mail on the 21st of the month with a Folksy seller who we would 'hit', they would have at least 6 items in their shop and they would have items for under £10. Ideally they would not yet have made any sales but I would be looking for others than just brand new sellers. It would be optional to join in each month, no pressure. If you like what you see in the shop you could make a purchase within the next 48 hours- then I would do a blog feature on the sellers shop. Because of the way Folksy works this would increase the sellers visibility for the future as well as making them all warm inside from having a sale. I would obviously be trying to find sellers with high quality items, this is not sympathy buying, just supporting fellow makers and starting a little Christmas shopping perhaps? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks xx

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Reduce, reuse,

I am continuing to enjoy making the scarves with brooches and have worked my way through lots of lovely wool from the stash. the problem had become finding more wool at a low enough price to make the scarves viable. I always check the bargain basket at the wool shop but real treasure is rare so I decided to look at Readicut. I get the Readicut catalogues sent from time to time so know that they sell wool at a reasonable price by the pack. There was a sale online with the only draw back that the colour of the wool would be lucky dip- although you would know the range from which it came. It has been a tense week not knowing whether I would receive three bales of pink wool which would be hard to use but this morning I received these- brown, teal and indigo- they are gorgeous and at less than a pound a ball will make the scarves less of a risk! I popped in to Tamarisk where the scarves are now up for sale to find that lovely Emma had been having a clear out. She has given me a bag full of silk scarves to re purpose. She has visions of these shredded and knotted through an open- knit scarf. I think they are too floppy for this, though I will have a play with this idea with bias cut strips of cotton. I am considering trying to gather them, using shearing elastic in the bobbin of the machine. Most of all though I think these would be ace used to produce a Nuno felt. I have never done this before and am not sure if this silk would work or whether I need something more open in weave. If anyone has any experience I would be so very grateful for some advice. I think the idea of giving these a new lease of life is very cool. I have also done some more re-using for my own purposes. I use cotton wool for toning each morning, but buying it annoys me for some reason so I have used a soft old flannel baby sheet and some off cuts of cotton wadding to make these pads. I am hoping they will stand up to regular washing. If I was making these more elegant I would make them smaller, round and with a matching drawstring washbag- but these are just for me. I don't talk about green issues here very often. I am no green warrior but I think there is something about the way I have been bought up that makes me loathe waste and enjoy frugality.
Anyway enjoy your weekends, one and all, I shall be peeping out for the harvest moon, some cultures see this moon as the perfect time for nurturing friendships and joining together around a fire for a dose of merriment- good plan!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Knit one,

I just realised I haven't shown you my Autumn brooch. I try to come up with something different for eash season and these are all misty, mellow and Autumnal. I have used up some more tapestry wool knitting fairisle squares and felting them with a quick trip through the machine.These are stuffed and embellished and with the addition of a brooch pin they are ready to adorn a jumper, jacket, or bag. I like these as they are using up wool which otherwise would be languishing somewhat and I always enjoy matching up buttons and ribbons. I will need to make more of these before a fair on the 15th- but that is no hardship! I think the Winter brooches will be crochet....I shall have fun working out what sparkley jewels I can squeeze onto those.