Saturday, 3 October 2009

Reduce, reuse,

I am continuing to enjoy making the scarves with brooches and have worked my way through lots of lovely wool from the stash. the problem had become finding more wool at a low enough price to make the scarves viable. I always check the bargain basket at the wool shop but real treasure is rare so I decided to look at Readicut. I get the Readicut catalogues sent from time to time so know that they sell wool at a reasonable price by the pack. There was a sale online with the only draw back that the colour of the wool would be lucky dip- although you would know the range from which it came. It has been a tense week not knowing whether I would receive three bales of pink wool which would be hard to use but this morning I received these- brown, teal and indigo- they are gorgeous and at less than a pound a ball will make the scarves less of a risk! I popped in to Tamarisk where the scarves are now up for sale to find that lovely Emma had been having a clear out. She has given me a bag full of silk scarves to re purpose. She has visions of these shredded and knotted through an open- knit scarf. I think they are too floppy for this, though I will have a play with this idea with bias cut strips of cotton. I am considering trying to gather them, using shearing elastic in the bobbin of the machine. Most of all though I think these would be ace used to produce a Nuno felt. I have never done this before and am not sure if this silk would work or whether I need something more open in weave. If anyone has any experience I would be so very grateful for some advice. I think the idea of giving these a new lease of life is very cool. I have also done some more re-using for my own purposes. I use cotton wool for toning each morning, but buying it annoys me for some reason so I have used a soft old flannel baby sheet and some off cuts of cotton wadding to make these pads. I am hoping they will stand up to regular washing. If I was making these more elegant I would make them smaller, round and with a matching drawstring washbag- but these are just for me. I don't talk about green issues here very often. I am no green warrior but I think there is something about the way I have been bought up that makes me loathe waste and enjoy frugality.
Anyway enjoy your weekends, one and all, I shall be peeping out for the harvest moon, some cultures see this moon as the perfect time for nurturing friendships and joining together around a fire for a dose of merriment- good plan!


wonderwoman said...

what lovely yarn and such a bargain! can't wait to see how the silk scarves turn out!


JuliaB said...

Wow! That was a lucky dip indeed!!! Good idea to chop that flannel up - if you made a little bag - two little bags - you could put clean in one, dirty in the other and then when you need to wash them, keep them in the 'dirty bag' so that they don't get lost in the washing machine ... so you can have a bag rotation if you see what I mean? When I was a beautician, we used to soak our facial sponges in a t-tree solution after washing. Destroyed the bacteria and made them smell nice and fresh.. Full of tips me .. xxx

Mary Poppins said...

Hi pleased to meet you :) You have a lovely blog, I love your makes. Is there anything particular you would like me to send that you enjoy working with, thought I would let you know I can't knit and I can't crochet though I would love to, I have been getting a little bag together, I have put a little of everything in there hopefully shall be more helpful, please do keep what you don't use :)

Look forward to making pretties for you :)