Friday, 16 October 2009

Terrific Terri

I have this friend called Terri, she is a real friend, I am not imagining her or making her up. Just to help me prove this to my family and people who I have actually met Teri sent me what she calls a friendship parcel- I call it a 'blomingreatbigfatginormousboxoftreatslikewhatagoodlttlecraftermightgetforChristmasorsomesuc-hotherspecialoccasion' Here follow some (!) pictures;
My friend who I've met was here when the parcel arrived- she was excited too- especially when I said she could help herself to some sweeties!I haven't got this book, though have admired it before- and the fabric?- really cute!The book has some ace patterns- after I have made myself a horned hat I will move onto....Maybe not a knitted bikini! But there are some nice looking cuffs in there.Terri also included some of her ace crochet, I love the colours on these flowers.

These potholders are gorgeous too and technically baffling!

I should have added something for scale- this is a darling little square- coming soon to a brooch near- well me actually!

This pile of fluffy, felty, loveliness, in just my colours, is to embellish an indigo zip up felt purse which also came along for the ride- I'm thinking a paisley shape in honour of Terri.

No one was left out, the children each received T-shirts, colouring books, stickers, magic pens and crayons- (which is what is buying me the time to write this post!) but absolutely no prizes for guessing what Anna played with first;

I'm not sure what I will play with first, I can't thank you enough Terri. You are a real pal, in any and every sense of the word. xx


Purple and Paisley said...

i'm so glad you got your package...and so glad you didn't already have the stitch n bitch book! god, it's worth having for the title alone!

tell the kids that the t-shirts i sent? i'm from illinois and our college teams (football, basketball) are the 'fighting illini'...

you're a wonderful friend,'ll never know how much i appreciate that...☺♥

Tabiboo said...

Such lovely goodies!

Happy playing,

Nina x

Daisie said...

That Terri really knows how to use the post to make us all feel special, Sebastian got one of her luverly blankets this week! I am very very very very very very (you get the picture) jealous of your pot holders though, I think they're amazing!

wonderwoman said...

wow what amazing goodies - and such a gorgeous friend!


dottydaisies said...

lucky old you that is one great parcel !

Annie said...

What beautiful crotchet surprises. A lovely parcel indeed

twiggypeasticks said...

Terri is such a lovely lady and you are a very lucky one (and lovely too, don't want you getting jealous):) what a great parcel.
twiggy x