Sunday, 18 October 2009

The bag of delights

The third swap that I am taking part in is a paper bag swap. This doesn't sound very very exciting but let me tell is VERY exciting. Unexpectedly this is the most challenging swap I have ever taken part in. Contented is hosting and the rules were that should swap a bag containing two fat quarters, a spool of matching thread and any other treasure with a partner and then you make something out of what your partner sends you and you return it to them. Cool or what? No second guessing a persons likes and dislikes- no adding to your stash with things you think you might use, it's genius! I was paired with Mary, she is very classy and subtle and elegant so you can imagine my concern with sending her fabric from my stash!! Anyway you'll have to visit her blog if you'd like to see what I sent- it kind of has a 60's feel- and this is what she sent me! I have some ideas- oh yes be afraid Mary, I am going to give your subtle treasure the Jenny treatment!
Apart from the mad scheming I am all excited because we draw for a £50 bursary at our Embroiderers guild AGM each year and on Saturday my ticket was picked. I have a whole list of possibilities as to what I might do with the money. It is meant to be spent on improving my embroidery skills (I think!) and I'll need to tell the other memers what I did with it at next years AGM, but if youhave any ideas- please feel free to let me know!


Lyn said...

I do love a good swap but think I had better stop signing up to them till I get some finished! Pop over to my blog for a little award from me!

Gina said...

That sounds like a delightful swap. Well done on getting the bursary... some courses to learn new techniques perhaps?

karen said...

beautiful swap gifts, lovely. What to spend the £50 on....hmmmmm, a dilemma. Aren't we just rubbish when we have a large some of money just for ourselves, it's so much easier to spend it on the kids!!!

wonderwoman said...

congrats on your prize - what a lovely one to win! and what a brilliant swap - can't wait to see what you are going to do with it all!


JuliaB said...

Jenny, that swap is sooo up your street and your cup of tea, that I am surprised you didn't think of it first! Hope you have fun with it ... what do I mean 'hope'? I KNOW you will! xxx

Tabiboo said...

What a great idea and I'd love to see the 'Jenny treatment!!'

Have a lovely week,

Nina x