Thursday, 15 October 2009

Hey doll face

I couldn't resist another Folksy purchase before I go hunting for undiscovered greatness, and this time I purchased one of these gorgeous lavender dolls. Beaky is very much discovered greatness- well certainly by me at least, I have hovered my little moue over these on more than one occasion! My little doll did not disappoint in the fabric in any way, the packaging on these make them very suitable to give as a gift as does the workmanship- add to that that they are very cute and I am very glad I now have one in my present stash just waiting for a friend or relative to coo over.
I was pleased that some of you like the Folksy consumerist kindness idea and I will select a seller next Wednesday for our 'hit'. Join in if you fancy- no pressure.
I have just got back from selling my own wares a a local fundraiser and I have to say the scarves were very popular. I kept telling myself to stop making them because I was enjoying it so much and now I have to make some more to restock, which is Brilliant! I did a little tiny bit of present shopping too, but for now I need a cup of tea and a good long sit down to recover. Does anyone else find fairs exhausting? Or am I a total lightweight?


Swirlyarts said...

I find craft fairs exhausting too :) So you are by no means the only one!

Michela said...

Hello Jen!
Enjoy your well deserved cup of tea!

Tabiboo said...

Make sure you have some biccies with that cup of tea!

Love the doll with her little rosy cheeks,

Nina x

Pomona said...

I find life in general exhausting, let alone a craft fair! The little matryoshka is very sweet - Princess B and I have a bit of a thing about them.

Pomona x

Beaky said...

Thank you for your kind words!! I am so glad you like her and that you wanted to share her. Are you sure you will be able to give her up? Well done on the craft fair.
B x