Sunday, 12 December 2010

Our house

I have to share this amazing dolls house with you, go HERE for details. It has been hand made by my friends Dad. I love it and I only wish I had some cash to treat us. I would love to furnish this beauty and can see a Coraline like character living here. Suzy makes the most amazing Polymer figures so you can really see that she has inherited her Dads talent It really does run in the blood I'm sure. x

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Me and my shadow

Here are my latest samples for my City and Guilds. I can honestly say that I would never have tried shadow work off my own bat. It's not that I don't like it, but you know how you stick to the things you know well? Anyway I started with the daisy in traditional shadow work. The petals and centre are worked by appliqueing another fabric to the reverse of the design and the leaves with a closed herringbone stitch. It was so enjoyable and the very fine cotton fabric came from a blouse I bought over ten years ago and couldn't bear to throw away! It needs a good damp stretch before it goes for assessment. Next I had a go at a more modern take, I made a large paper cut from a heavy Indian paper. I sewed this to some voile, this was also very enjoyable, I do like sewing with paper and plan to use some folded paper in my blanket stitch exploration. Finally I had to do battle with my nemesis of Bondaweb. I cut some bondawebbed paisley shapes and applied these to a space dyed base. I topped this off with wadding and a layer of very sparkly shot organza-(might it be called crystal organza?). I quilted around the shapes and within them and then cut back the organza to give a variety of surfaces. I added a sprinkling of Indian cup sequins and feel it could take even more.

I am waiting to hear if I have done enough to have shadow work signed off, but to be honest if I need to do some more samples it won't be a hardship and I wouldn't even mind if I needed to break out the 'web of doom' again!
Other crafting is progressing well- a Christmas present should be finished in time and I have sewn a Christmas garland this very morning. I am at the slightly excited- slightly more panicky stage of Christmas preparation, I need to cross off a few more jobs from the 'to-do' list before I can get properly wibbly and tearful about the whole festive affair- but don't worry, it will happen! xx