Sunday, 29 March 2009

Giveaway- Folksy feature

Well the buttons from my March pay day shopping trip arrived just two days after I had ordered them from Folksy, I was really impressed with the service, and thought that Lilleys' trick of putting in three Moo cards and some stickers was really neat. I can't promise that this will happen every month but on this occasion I thought I would share the joy. If you would like the chance to win one of these items which I made, and to which I have added some of the polymer buttons please visit my Folksy shop, (I know, cheeky aren't I?) and leave a comment telling me what you favourite item is from my shop. I will draw two winners next weekend and am happy to send overseas.
The Makey 'do' continues to move forward with sign up forms and posters hopefully going out at the beginning of next week. I have noticed that similar events have given out goodie bags to the first people through the door and I would like to do something similar. If you would like to send something for the bags (anything from Moo cards to samples of your product) please leave a comment on the Makey do blog. I hope to do 60 bags, either splitting them through the day-10 per hour or 30 first thing and 30 at noon, haven't decided yet, anyhow there is no pressure to send 60 items I will split anything you send over the day. This is a really good way of promoting yourself to people who love handmade, and can make you a part of an event that you might be too far away to attend.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

I heart swapping

Look what I got! Molly and Izzie sent me all of this loveliness as part of Mollycupcakes heart swap and I'm thrilled to bits! A gorgeous hand made heart card accompanied a cuts little box containing; little love hearts and a felt key ring- I have already swapped it on my house keys for the rather un-glamorous Skoda fob! Get a look at that scarf, light and perfect for summer evenings-is it finger knitted Sarah? There was more treasure in the form of this heart charm bracelet, I love my jewelery, even if my clothing looks like I have borrowed it from the tip I am always well accessorised! There were two more little organza bags, one containing heart shaped Pony beads which have been on my e-bay watch list for weeks and the other containing all manners of cuteness- heart pegs, wooden beads embellishment and a beautiful glass heart which is just precious.

Thanks you Sarah! I also received my polymer buttons and a parcel from my lovely Mum yesterday, but I shall save that for next time!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Molly and Izzie has now received her swap parcel so I can show you these terrible terrible pictures of the lovely heart shaped things I sent her. I had great fun collecting and making hearts. The handmades included a knitted heart flannel, a brooch, button rings, a hair clip and a dangley thingamy with a needle felted heart. I also sent a heart yo-yo maker, fabric, felt, buttons, sweets and pink nail varnish. I really loved doing this swap so thanks so much for putting it all together Mollycupcakes.
I think there are still four mug swappers waiting for parcels I will be really pleased when everything has finally found it's way through the postal services!
Just seen on another blog that there is just 19 days to Easter, would love to fnish my easter door decoration before the big day, but I said that last year!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Polymer Purchase

So today is pay day and, as promised I went this morning to Folksy and the children helped me choose which item to buy off the home page. This is what we chose. Lilleys shop has loads of polymer loveliness; buttons beads and cute little ninjas. This set of six buttons cost me £3 and £1.14 p&p. I love the colours and have a good idea of how I will use this space!
The Makey 'do' is coming on well with finalisation's to the poster design and sign-up form. I am excited to have Karen coming along (particularly from such a huge distance!) with her beautiful embroidery and re-use of vintage embroidery. Interviews are now going up regularly on the blog so even if you can't get to Kent in July I think it's interesting to 'meet' some new crafty types. I'm certainly looking forward to it very, very much.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Yarrrrr, here be treasure!

I've been so lucky with post this week and I feel really spoiled. Sam of Dottybird took a couple of homeless craft books off my hands last weekend. I'd stressed that they were here's for love but this luxurious pink parcel arrived-naughty girl. Look at this lovely fluff and felt hearts and heart buttons, and, and a brilliant flower hair clip, as featured on Sams blog. I will be wearing this on Sunday as I am having a special shopping trip with a smashing pal and it will make the trip even more exciting wearing my clip. Thanks Sam. As if that wasn't enough postal excitement for one week Michele my mug swap recipient sent these amazing fabrics from the U.S of A! I have been coveting fabrics like this on International blogs for far too long; it was becoming a mortal sin. Now I have some, of my own, in my house and I'm so chuffed! Thanks so much Michele, you are too, too kind!

P.S The fabric is all pre washed too, which I never do so that's a real luxury. I have to say I had an awful moment of doubt as I stuffed Annas quilt in on a 90 degree wash due to an un-speakable 'accident', but all was well, thank the God of lazy quilters!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I thought I'd share with you (not literally) a couple of things I've bought lately. Some of you might already have had a mooch around the Folksy site, I have my online shop there and I love it. I have made some good sales and the other sellers are really friendly. The guys who have set up Folksy have recently done some work to make the site faster which should make it even nicer to visit. So here's what I bought; Simon needed a gift for his sister at two days notice and we both loved this bag by Brigantia designs. The lovely Kim agreed to post it straight to the Birthday girl and offered to put in a message, how nice.

The second purchase was also a gift. My friend Juliet also has a birthday this week and I knew she'd appreciate some special soap. Saffronbar has an amazing selection and I chose four pieces. There was a tiny bar for me in the parcel too which was a lovely surprise.
So why the big up for Folksy you may wonder-well I just got to thinking about how nice the buying experience has been and how personal and how if these sellers are anything like me making sales probably made them smile and made them happy. You just don't get that buying soap in the bodyshop or a bag from New Look. I have always been wary of BUY HOMEMADE pledges, it seems that whenever I set my mind to anything in particular the exact opposite ends up happening. Also there is very little on Folksy that I have found that would bring squeals of delight from a five year old boy. So I think I might try this- on pay day I will open the Folksy home page, when I am logged in and buy something off that page and show you what I have bought. Pay day is the 23rd for me so watch this space. The things I buy will go in my presents box and should therefore eliminate future Sunday night panics!
In other news; Simon has been offered a GTP position (on the job teacher training) at a lovely local school, we are so pleased and I am so proud of him. He's ace and brilliant and brave and gorgeous and I never thought I'd end up shacked up with a science teacher but then again I don't suppose his dream was to live with a shouty dispenser with a habit of making life un-necessarily complicated.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Gorn to the U.S.A

I'm sorry about the title, really I am. I think it might just be one of those days! Anyway I can finally show you what I sent to my mug swap lady, the lovely Calico Daisy. Now Calico said she didn't drink tea or coffee just loads of Diet Coke and an occasional hot chocolate. I toyed with the idea of sending a Coke glass but in the end decided upon this chocolatey polka dot mug. I found a tiny whisk to make a really good hot choc, some little napkins with chocolates on, a bar of fair trade chocolate, some sachets and some cola cubes and bottles. I think the edibles were a really important part of this package! From here I added some hand made items- a potholder in choccy colours and a set of four felt coasters in Coke colours. I also knitted a Battenburg pin cushion, this was such fun I will definitely make more. I then cruised the haberdashery store ad my craft room for some supplies and found all sorts of lovely chocolate coloured fabric, thread and ribbon. I had a brilliant time putting this together and really hope Michele finds the bits useful.
I am now getting working on Mollycupcakes heart swap for my partner Molly and Izzie. That's proving fun too and a much better option than hoovering the stairs!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Seeing Red

Well thank you all for helping out with the mug swap info; I am now confident that everyone has something on the way which is great. (If you still haven't received anything by the end of next week do please contact me and I'll do some more tracking.) I seem to be going through a red phase at the moment and used some of the wool and a button that I have been sent recently from blog pals to make this brooch. I also wanted to how you this lovely pot that Dad has made, it's gorgeously smooth and that black disc in the centre is a magnet so pins or paperclips will stay safe and sound in it-perfect fr by the machine. Dad will be making some more to sell on his stall at 'the do'. Talking of which I had another mooch around the venue this morning and it really is perfect. I can fit in lots of tables and the light and facilities are ace. Also the caretaker there was so friendly and helpful. I'm so excited about it!
I've been looking out for some green and white transfer print plates to hang in my bedroom for a while now with no joy but I saw this little lot in the Lifeboat charity shop window this morning and couldn't resist. They are a right mish-mash of modern and older and different reds but I think they will just look ace on my red and white gingham table cloth filled with button rings, laid with brooches and stuffed with hair clips. The whole lot cost me just £4.50 which I was really happy to pay, especially for the lifeboat service.

If you sell at fares how do you display your wares? Do you have favourite props?

Monday, 9 March 2009

Mug swap-round up

This post is really to make sure I know where we are with the mug swap....but I thought I'd show you some other post I've received. Before the lent(10 day!) abstinence I ordered these knitting looms and I am so pleased with them.The smaller is perfect for my brooches and I can now push on with the brooch making parties/social evenings. The larger is more of a fascinator size or to use as a big french knitting thingy so lots more fiddling to be done....hooray! The temptation in my lent desert was two balls of chunky beige yarn at £1 each. I know these are great for brooches so they will be used in the kits for the new venture, but really there is no excuse, they were just cheap and I wanted them. I have no will-power, but pah, I reckon it;s over-rated anyway!

Right, on to the real reason for the post. I have really loved seeing what people have been sending and receiving for the mug swap but the time has come for me to do this round up and try to help with any last minute problems and to make sure that everyone who signed up has received a parcel of loveliness;

I'm sorry if you've posted and I've forgotten to mark it off on my spreadsheet (get her!) but so far I think the people who haven't received are;

Cariad, Calico Daisy, Kitty wrinkle, Bagladee, Wonderwoman, Smilemonster, Terry, The other side of a daydream, The devil makes work.

Of these nine I have been told that three have been sent. Please let me know if this is correct. If you want to contact me direct to let me know of any problems I'll see what I can do to help.

Thanks. xxxx

Friday, 6 March 2009

Button it!

I have had a bit of a rubbish week this week, nothing bad has happened, I've just felt a bit out of sorts, not fun to be around, grumpy. :-( I can't really explain this, but some big rays of friendshippy light have shone through the clouds and kept me from getting too low). So a massive thank you firstly to my Daisie, these chumbly buttons came as complete surprise. I had made a casual, 'wanna swap some buttons baby?' pass at her a while back but we hadn't confirmed anything and out of the blue these arrived. I have been knitting up some blue wool and I am going to use some with my new buttons to make something for me to wear. I am now hard at it Daisie, making some buttons to swap back, watch your postbox next week!

I have also received my official Phatsheep button swap parcel from Namolio. It is very, very lovely. I felt almost that there must have been some mistake as these goodies are deeply deeply classy, and stylish and sophisticated.....what were they doing in my house!? But I'm getting used to the idea that maybe I can be the kind of gal who has a linen pin cushion....perhaps linen bias tape and lacy edging is meant to be in my sewing basket...maybe I am supposed to set my bone china cup of earl Grey down upon a linen coaster...just maybe posh buttons and posh chocolate are actually meant for me. I do hope so, because I have to tell you I am itching to make use of all of my lovely things. (Except the chocolate-that's gone, but I did make it last three days rather than three minutes-that's how classy I am!) Thank you Namolio, you are very kind, and very clever.

In other news I haven't had any takers for the book so I'll give the book give-aways a rest for a while. Also I am ashamed to say that I have broken my 'no buying materials during lent' rule. I am not proud of myself, but .....actually there's no excuse. As you know I am not a 'believer' but Will obviously had had some religious instruction at school and asked my Mum and Dad who had bought fish and chips...'why are you eating fatty foods when Jesus was in the desert with no food and drink and you should be remembering him?'-Mother Earth, Wicker Man, Lord, Whoever please preserve me from puritanical five year olds!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Cuff 'n' stuff

Firstly, and before I forget, thanks to Indigo Blue for this award. As usual I shall break all rules and say that as I was awarded it for putting together the mug swap, if you took part in the swap feel free to take it! On the subject of the swap I will be posting at the weekend with a list of people who I believe have not yet received a mug. I'd be grateful if you could let me know if you have and I can start to sleep easier in my little bed!
Secondly I'm still looking for a good home for this book. The principal of the book is to draw on canvas and fill with long stitch to make a painterly embroidery. The images are really bright and beautiful, moving it on is just a question of space!

Thirdly, and good things come in threes too, here are some cuffs I have made. I did some work before Christmas on cuff ideas. I was looking for an extension to my brooch making and maybe a more summery 'line'. A long time ago I made some hanging pockets from some jean pockets it was a total prototype which I later hacked up to have another go with the pockets but it was the off-cuts that were re-incarnated as cuffs. I did some knitting and couched some pretty thread along the cuff and added a popper. These cuffs have a lovely chenille type feel on the inside which should make them nice to wear. The third cuff is just that, I fished it from a bit bag of fabric given to me by a friend it is the most gorgeous blue silk and all I had to add was a length of edging and some vintage shirt buttons. This one is lined in felt to give it a bit more rigidity and simply fastens with the original silk covered button. What do you think?
I will post again soon with some lovely mail that I received today, I really have been very spoiled!

Monday, 2 March 2009


Guess what I got? I got my MUG! Thank you Ani, thank you very very much. There is not much in life that is more exciting than a parcel, especially one from another country. Opening this was a whole family occasion, with Mum, Dad, the children and me. Thankfully when Will saw the packing materials he took Anna off to play 'snow' all over the upstairs landing! Inside the bubble-wrap was my gorgeous and capacious mug. It has the most beautiful shell bosses on it and s a lovely soft green. The smell whilst I was opening my package was so warm and spicy and when I saw my handmade goodie I could see just where it was coming from. Ani had made such a cute little sleep sachet to put in a pillow with a special blend of relaxing fragrances, the picture on the sachet is really charming. I was also thrilled with my first piece of feed sack fabric. Mum found the story behind these prints fascinating and I think I am going to make up a couple of hanging Easter cones to fill with the fat quarter, one for Mum and one....for me! There was also a bag of vintage buttons which I have been stacking and rubbing every so often, and a selection of unusual tea bags to try. How cosmopolitan I shall appear to visiting friends with my huge array of green teas! I love my parcel and have so enjoyed this swap. if anyone hasn't managed to get there swap off yet and wants me to send a 'it's on it's way' mail to keep the surprise just let me know!
There were no takers for the Richard Box book so I thought I'd offer up this one; again this has one technique but the pictures are so vibrant I have had a lot of pleasure just browsing it. If you are in the UK and would like it for your very own just leave a comment saying so-first come first served- and all I ask is that you send me back the cost of postage in stamps so I can continue to send these books out for 'free'.