Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I thought I'd share with you (not literally) a couple of things I've bought lately. Some of you might already have had a mooch around the Folksy site, I have my online shop there and I love it. I have made some good sales and the other sellers are really friendly. The guys who have set up Folksy have recently done some work to make the site faster which should make it even nicer to visit. So here's what I bought; Simon needed a gift for his sister at two days notice and we both loved this bag by Brigantia designs. The lovely Kim agreed to post it straight to the Birthday girl and offered to put in a message, how nice.

The second purchase was also a gift. My friend Juliet also has a birthday this week and I knew she'd appreciate some special soap. Saffronbar has an amazing selection and I chose four pieces. There was a tiny bar for me in the parcel too which was a lovely surprise.
So why the big up for Folksy you may wonder-well I just got to thinking about how nice the buying experience has been and how personal and how if these sellers are anything like me making sales probably made them smile and made them happy. You just don't get that buying soap in the bodyshop or a bag from New Look. I have always been wary of BUY HOMEMADE pledges, it seems that whenever I set my mind to anything in particular the exact opposite ends up happening. Also there is very little on Folksy that I have found that would bring squeals of delight from a five year old boy. So I think I might try this- on pay day I will open the Folksy home page, when I am logged in and buy something off that page and show you what I have bought. Pay day is the 23rd for me so watch this space. The things I buy will go in my presents box and should therefore eliminate future Sunday night panics!
In other news; Simon has been offered a GTP position (on the job teacher training) at a lovely local school, we are so pleased and I am so proud of him. He's ace and brilliant and brave and gorgeous and I never thought I'd end up shacked up with a science teacher but then again I don't suppose his dream was to live with a shouty dispenser with a habit of making life un-necessarily complicated.


Purple and Paisley said...

congrats to simon...and he is lucky to have the wittiest gal around! ☺ can't wait to see all of your folksy purchases! good thing simon has a job, huh? ☺

Kitty said...

Oooh, I'm jealous of Simon's sister - love Kim's bags ... aren't they fabulous? That soap looks gorgeous too ... so I'm just off to check it out.

Congrats to you all for Simon landing that brilliant opportunity. Phew!


JuliaB said...

ooooo! that's so exciting! Congratulations to Simon!!!!!! Well done. And local too!! xx

MollyandIzzie said...

Big pat on the back to Simon, what an exciting chance!

Jackie said...

I'm so pleased he is doing what he wants to. Are you a dispenser of medicines? (Or mugs?)

Tip Top said...

Congratulations to you all - buying experiences and work! yeah!!!

trashalou said...

Folksy is brilliant - I have lost many a happy hour there.

yay to your boy for managing to win such a triffic job. it is obviously meant to be.

karen said...

great news for you both on Simon's offer. Those fabrics are gorgeous, jealous, jealous, jealous!!
I keep wondering about setting up on folksy but find it really difficult to navigate as a 'browser/buyer', or is it just me doing something wrong?