Friday, 13 March 2009

Seeing Red

Well thank you all for helping out with the mug swap info; I am now confident that everyone has something on the way which is great. (If you still haven't received anything by the end of next week do please contact me and I'll do some more tracking.) I seem to be going through a red phase at the moment and used some of the wool and a button that I have been sent recently from blog pals to make this brooch. I also wanted to how you this lovely pot that Dad has made, it's gorgeously smooth and that black disc in the centre is a magnet so pins or paperclips will stay safe and sound in it-perfect fr by the machine. Dad will be making some more to sell on his stall at 'the do'. Talking of which I had another mooch around the venue this morning and it really is perfect. I can fit in lots of tables and the light and facilities are ace. Also the caretaker there was so friendly and helpful. I'm so excited about it!
I've been looking out for some green and white transfer print plates to hang in my bedroom for a while now with no joy but I saw this little lot in the Lifeboat charity shop window this morning and couldn't resist. They are a right mish-mash of modern and older and different reds but I think they will just look ace on my red and white gingham table cloth filled with button rings, laid with brooches and stuffed with hair clips. The whole lot cost me just £4.50 which I was really happy to pay, especially for the lifeboat service.

If you sell at fares how do you display your wares? Do you have favourite props?


Daisie said...

My very bestest prop for fairs is my standy-up cork boards, great to stick anything on (usually my beads and dangles and such), gives your stall some height and stops it looking flat and somewhere to hide when you are glugging a quick cuppa!

And always, always use a cloth (but you knew that already)!

Wish I was coming too :-(


Poppy Cottage said...

Wow!! I grew up with plates and cups like that. DO yo mind me asking how did you make yout flower?

Tip Top said...

My grandparents used to have cups and saucers like that!!

Beautiful bowl too

karen said...

Hi jenny. Thanks for that know I may just be interested in your makey I too late? will need to speak to hubby but I am really interested.