Sunday, 28 September 2008

Jean Genius!

Thanks to all of you who have entered the giveaway; I'm getting quite excited! There's still time though, just get in before the end of the month and you're in with a chance.
I am sorry this picture looks so skew-whiff but I took it all wonky and then flipped it, (basically it looked better before I fiddled!) Anyhooo it is just a fiddle so no harm done. I have been meaning to have a go at Jean pocket hanging thingys for ages. I ripped some instructions out of Patchwork and Quilting magazine I think and knocked this up this morning with the kids. It is meant to be all denim but the jeans I used were some old ones of Annas so were seriously tiny In the article they went mad with embellishment too. Having said that I think the idea is sound and definitely something I'll be doing again on a larger jeans definitely qualify! I also want to try it with some of Simons work trousers, I think it could be quite a good 'mans' textile project.
Yesterdays farmers market saw me basically paying £5 for the privilege of giving away two brooches. I have two Christmas fairs booked but I almost feel like I have got the whole 'selling what I make' thing out of my system. I am happy to keep making brooches to sell through shops. I really do enjoy it, but as far as other things go I am only going to make things that really take my fancy- not just stuff that I think might sell. Does that make sense? Overall the markets have been great experience and at another point in my life I may well give it another go, taking it more seriously but for now? I've scratched my itch.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Yo-Yo stitching show

Look what I got from Prairie Homestead, this lovely lady was my bookmark swap recipient. I never expected a thank you present but what a lovely one! I can't wait to have a go and the idea looks like I might be able to adapt it for a bag dangle.
I also went to my local Embroiderers guild meeting on Saturday to hear Heidi Jenkins speak, what a lovely lady, and very clever! There were people selling vintage buttons; bliss, and I picked up some fluff and threads (which I won't show you because they might form part of my give away) and I signed up for a place on the trip to the Knitting and Stitching show.
Please do enter the giveaway if you haven't yet, it really is open to all and I haven't seen any family names pop up yet- go on go on. OOhhh and don't worry if you don't 'craft' if any of the senses you see here. If you write, cook, garden, photograph, doodle, whatever I can find a prize just for you! xxxxx

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Colour me Happy it's a 100th post GIVE AWAY!

Hey, guess what? This is my 100th post! In the tradition of Blogging I am having a give away. Please enter and tell your friends, it's open to everyone- share the love!
What I would like you to do is this; comment telling me;
1; Your bestest ever colour
2;Your bestest thing that is your bestest colour
3;Your preferred creative outlet.
e.g. My best colour is purple, I love grapes and I like singing.
I don't know what the prize will be yet because it will be individually tailored to the winner.
I will shut the give away prize door at the end of the month.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Babes in the wood

What a busy weekend! My brother and his wife are staying with us to help take care of the kids whilst Will is doing awkward hours at school, they also think they'll be having a little holiday....hahahaha! For a while now Tom and Nila have been asking about a wood in Kent with cool sculpture that they had read about in the Guardian and yesterday we finally got there! I am so glad we did, it was beautiful, loads of beetles with iridescent tummies, two frogs and sculpture to stumble upon. We found the musical tulip and fed it water to make it sing, made spooky voices with it, and Will, being 4 bashed it with a big stick! There were the most amazing varieties of fungi, I only wish my camera took better macro shots.
All of this was lovely but wait, even ore lovely things happened. Tom and Nila also bought a rather large belated birthday gift in the form of a fabric covered magnet board. It is big and beautiful and made from a recycled side off a dead computer. Dad had even turned some magnet handles, I'm very chuffed! I'm also very chuffed with some more post I got this weekend; Daisie has sent me some foil to play with and try through the bug she also put in some jolly Christmas bits which should galvanise me into some festive action! I also got a lovely bag of goodies from Tip top to match some wool I've been knitting with. I shared nicely with Nila and she has had a few bits fro the bag but the rest are all mine and I can't wait to play! Thanks girls!
The final piece of big news is that Simon, Tom and Nila made jam with some foraged Blackberries and it's yummy!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Rag bag.

As some of you are already aware the farmers market has not exactly been my biggest money spinner to date. It has, however, opened some other doors to me and last months market was no exception. A local lady and I have crossed paths on several occasions including the Embroiderers guild so I know her to be fellow fabric lover, she stopped to chat and said that she was always being given bits and bobs of fabric and might some of it be useful to me. (she now only has one hand as I bit the other one off!) I gave her my address but thought that I might not hear anything more as she is obviously a very busy person. Anyway, to cut a not very long story very short she dropped a card through my door and last week I popped 'round to her gorgeous house to collect a bag of goodies. There were quite a lot of fabric samples and some cut out patchwork and applique shapes and I decided to make a raggy bag.

I don't know if any of you are familiar with Fay Maxwell but I went on a residential course of hers a few years back and it was a hoot. She is very funny and relaxed and we made some ace bags using this heap it up, cover it up, sew it up, slash it up technique. The kids helped me with his little number and apart from a few bits from my stash it has been made entirely from freebies. I enjoyed it so much I'm sure some more of my haul will disappear in a similar style. I hope this will be the first of many home made Christmas gifts so if you are reading this and usually get a pressie from me feel free to register your interest or otherwise. My kind benefactor didn't want any money for my bag of goodies but she did give me details of a charity she is currently supporting. I am not at all holy, but this seems to be a church just trying to help people get through the practical difficulties of life in a war zone....without too much banging on about the big guy!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

School uniform vs. contest!

Will was VERY exited yesterday to have his first day at school. He was really taken by the uniform and needed no nagging at all to get dressed and ready. Unfortunately whilst I was taking all his first day photos I had to work very hard to keep totally naked Anna out of shot! I have long known that Anna was the one who would try my patience the most (she is very like me) and it was Anna who got all upset when we dropped Will off and was waiting by the door when the time came to collect him. Will has had an ace couple of mornings and I was feeling all guilty about launching him into the whole wide world (I didn't really enjoy school) when I realised that any child who is dressed at 7.10am asking when he could go to school is actually fine. I know this is an awful cliche but I also remembered that there are so many places in the world where good education just isn't available and we are actually really lucky. (sorry-vomit-vomit!)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Fourarms or Wildmutt? Ben 10-you decide!

Will was invited to Thomas' 5th birthday which is lovely, one mentioned 'til two days before that it was fancy dress! We have some ace dressing up clothes but the boy Will was going with and his brother were going as Ben 10 so there was no way Will could be left out. Bless Tracey heart that sh did supply me with the T-shirt (37p from Tesco-less than a loaf of bread-how? Well I know how but frankly it doesn't bear thinking about!) and the black fabric paint. So I had a full 22 hours to paint the T-shirt a make a felt Omnitrix. Will looked ACE and had a brilliant time. He asked if he could wear the outfit again today and I said that he would be wearing his school uniform (for the first time). He turned his big blues on me and asked 'will I NEVER wear my own clothes again?'- Why do kids do that to you?

Friday, 5 September 2008

Swap/giveaway/destash type thingamy

I know how impressive this post title is and I know how it must make you all sick how I come up with these cathchy, witty, succinct headers but honestly either you've got it, or you haven't! Actually I hoped that someone might search under one of these words and I might stand a better chance of offloading this little lot! So a while back Mum got given A LOT of knitting and crochet patterns by her sisters mother in law, (confused....let's just call her Petes' Mum and take it that she is sort of related to me) anyway, Mum has taken the patterns she wants and had suggested that I might be able to offer the rest on the Blog. I had a little think how to do this and asked Daisy and she suggested that someone out there might fancy doing a swap. So here are the first four batches; they are crochet patters primarily as I can't. (Some of them are very posh and cost as much as 7p!) Pack 1 is two adult tops, a cushion and some edgings. Pack 2 is baby patterns and a little booklet of Dolly outfits. Pack 3 is ten baby patterns one of which has rather natty knitted knickers, (go on say it out loud!) and pack 4 is again 10 baby patterns with a pattern for a coat and hat I really wish I could make myself!

So the deal is this; if you see a pack you fancy and would like me to post to you just let me know what you might like to swap it for. I am not looking for anything massive just maybe a ball of wool, a few sequins something hanging about that you suspect you might not use. This could be an ace opportunity for a clear out. If you have any others suggestions of what I could do with the rest please let me know- a charity who could use them-a keen knitter who lives in East Kent who might collect the rest, otherwise, if this works I'll just do some each month. Also feel free to request something else if you have a specific requirement for say a mohair bat wing jumper pattern!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Award, for giggles!

A while back the lovely Julia awarded me this, and I have cherished it. I did say that I would pass it on the next time a blog made me laugh out loud and I think I always knew where it wuld end up. Sure enough I read a post today by Scary Mommy and giggled and chuckled and thought; 'that deserves an award!'. I wish in my early days of parenthood I had known about this blog, honesty about the traumas of bringng up children is rare and precious and I wish there was more of it. So thank you Scary Mommy- you're not Scary in fact for me you make the whole thing a lot less so!