Monday, 15 September 2008

Babes in the wood

What a busy weekend! My brother and his wife are staying with us to help take care of the kids whilst Will is doing awkward hours at school, they also think they'll be having a little holiday....hahahaha! For a while now Tom and Nila have been asking about a wood in Kent with cool sculpture that they had read about in the Guardian and yesterday we finally got there! I am so glad we did, it was beautiful, loads of beetles with iridescent tummies, two frogs and sculpture to stumble upon. We found the musical tulip and fed it water to make it sing, made spooky voices with it, and Will, being 4 bashed it with a big stick! There were the most amazing varieties of fungi, I only wish my camera took better macro shots.
All of this was lovely but wait, even ore lovely things happened. Tom and Nila also bought a rather large belated birthday gift in the form of a fabric covered magnet board. It is big and beautiful and made from a recycled side off a dead computer. Dad had even turned some magnet handles, I'm very chuffed! I'm also very chuffed with some more post I got this weekend; Daisie has sent me some foil to play with and try through the bug she also put in some jolly Christmas bits which should galvanise me into some festive action! I also got a lovely bag of goodies from Tip top to match some wool I've been knitting with. I shared nicely with Nila and she has had a few bits fro the bag but the rest are all mine and I can't wait to play! Thanks girls!
The final piece of big news is that Simon, Tom and Nila made jam with some foraged Blackberries and it's yummy!


Daisie said...

I think the stick thing may have more to do with being a boy than being four. Elizabeth and Francesca never hit things, Natahniel is doing it already, we may have to take cover when he reaches four!
Sounds like a lovely wood, glad you've had such a nice weekend.
Have fun with the foil and the bug!

Gina said...

What a brilliant busy weekend!

Tip Top said...

Glad the stuff arrived ok!!