Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Blogversery patch swap

I hope you all had an amazing festive season and are starting the New Year well and happy. We had a great time with Mum and Dad in Dorset, everyone had lovely presents and Santa came so he must have thought the children were better behaved than I did! Despite there being one more day of this year I am already getting excited about the crafting possibilities of next year and as I have been keeping my Blog for nearly a whole year I thought I would start 2009 with a swap/round robin type affair. So for all of you who feel like an angel hemmed in by chaos,
Anyone who enjoys working with others, (and keeps in the lines!)
For anyone who has the patience to piece the tiny bits together for the whole effect

For anyone who wants to get that Christmas feeling all over again........I propose a swap/round robin thing. Please leave a comment below if you'd be interested, it would be a fabric type swap which I think would leave everyone with a variety of squares to do with as they wish; cushion cover, bag, wall hanging etc?

Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Good Shepherd

Will performed in his first nativity on Thursday, he is completely taken with the story and said his lines loud and proud, or so I am told by Daddy who went to watch as I was at work. Simon took Will to the cafe after school as a treat but Will was fading fast and spent the rest of the day under a blanket on the sofa. Friday was Christmas party at school but Will was still poorly and took another duvet day. This meant he missed out on Christmas Party and Santa! His lovely teacher did catch a friend in the playground though to make sure he got his goodie bag and cards. Poor boy-he is just well enough to be naughty today but poorly enough to really flip if you try to tell him off! Joy.

I hope you are all having a better run up to the big day, but judging from what I have been reading on other blogs I suspect not.

I have either finished, or missed the boat on all my Christmas sewing so today I got the sketch book out and put down some ideas for next year. I think it will be my year of 'cuffs'. Here is my prototype. Embellished felt with hand sewing and backed with cotton. I am not pleased with the elastic loop closure and am about to snip it off for a buttonhole loop. It will just mean I need help to get it on and off- oh well! Watch this space for more hot cuff action, hopefully I will get chance to do some crafting over the break, we are staying with Mum and Dad so I will have a partner in crime...hooray!

So, I think will be the last post before Christmas day; Happy Yule, Seasons Greetings, however you see the world and whatever festivities you partake of I hope this week ahead is a really lovely one for you and your families. xxxxxx

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Guildy pleasures

Yesterday was our local meeting of the Embroiderers guild. There are branches across most of the country and similar groups everywhere! Our group meets monthly with a bring and buy table, traders, a really good speaker and tea and BISCUITS! So once a month I get a whole afternoon of inspiration, retail therapy and the chance to chat with other crafty types.....BLISS. This months speaker was Helen Deighan, the lady who came up with the dying in the bag thing, which sounds ace, but Ive never tried. She also imports braiding disks and was displaying samples made with a square board which results in a flat braid. I couldn't resist and now am just waiting for a quiet moment (flying pigs!) to have a play! Helen was really lovely and funny and chilled, there's a lot in this crafting thing!

I did a spot of shopping at the bring and buy table- (I did do a little bringing too) I found some ace fabric, just right for panto season, load of little bis of Liberty, (pass me that yo-yo maker) and a ball of wool which has already been used towards a brooch. (£2 the lot in case you were wondering!)

The most exciting thing was probably that lovely S has started a Blog. Dottybird trades at our guild on a regular basis, bringing various goodies of felting equipment and soluble fabrics etc. She also puts together these yummy variety packs of stranded cotton, this one is Jelly bean and I hope to be braiding it soon. Do pop over and say Hi if you get a mo, she really is very lovely and a very clever lady.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


So with two entries to the teeny tiny giveaway I decided to save paper and toss a coin. Heads for entry one and tails for entry congratulations to Purple and Paisley- (I don't think a tree will get to you this Christmas but I'll post one off and hopefully it will arrive in time to be packed away with the other decs for next year!) Thanks for entering guys. I am still frantically making brooches and trees but enjoying every minute. Thinking more and more about organising a craft fair next year- I do like to plot and this is keeping my little brain full. (it is also giving me the chance to make lists and this is my second favourite hobby next to crafting-am I very, very sad?)

Friday, 5 December 2008

Worlds worst pun, and smallest giveaway

Meet Christine she is a very happy rodent......infact....(can you see where this is going?).....(I'm so sorry!)........she is a 'Merry Chris-Mouse'. God-it's sad isn't it? This little cutey, is for Uncle Ben, he will appreciate the awfulness of the word play, her odd colour ears and her insanely fluffy texture-he's that kind of guy. If you had ever though 'that Jennyflower- I wonder why she never makes softies-look no further for the answer, my 'cute' just comes out 'freak'!
Anyway Christine got me thinking about a teeny tiny giveaway- don't panic YOU WILL NOT GET THE MOUSE. What I am asking is this; leave a comment with your worst ever seasonal joke and I'll put your name in the hair-tie box for one of my felt Christmas trees. You can see a example in my Folksy shop but I wold make you a new one, maybe even to fit in with your Christmas colour scheme. I am away this weekend but leave a comment by Monday morning and I'll draw then. Thanks! (and sorry-again) xx

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

You sell some you buy some!

Now I wouldn't say that I was an 'orange' person. But when I was drawn towards this fabric in a shop today my friend Claire rolled her eyes and said that is so you-you're an orange person aren't you? (Maybe it is because a bare a striking physical resemblance to the Tango man?) Anyway I think this is ace and I'm really looking forward to making something suitably subversive with it.....look closely it has some pale pink in it!
I also stocked up on wool- seriously this lovely cream and pink bubbly stuff was 60p a ball- no really! I bought some spotty buttons and hair ties in proper girly colours will follow shortly. I love the little wool shop in Deal. I got this little lot and some sewing machine needles (does it matter that I haven't bought Bernina ones?) for £8.51. I'm really pleased with this......though I'm guessing unless I get it packed away pretty smartish Simon will be less impressed....shhh......secret squirrels!