Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bubble blowing badger!

Look what hopped out of Wills book bag on Friday.....only a bloody badger! Mr Badger is the class mascot and he and his diary are now resident with us so that I can spend a relaxing week of trying to make 'playing with Lego' or 'watching a DVD' look like good parenting! It will all be fine at the weekend when we head to Dorset as I'm sure Mum and Dad will come good and make him little clothes and take him on amusing adventures....bless him!
Simon took the children, but not the badger, to see Bolt at the weekend and I got a one and a half hour mooch round the shops. Here is my TKmax treasure. I have found more display aids for my stall, and two very very nice pillow cases which I hope, one day, might be little dresses for Anna or bags for me!
We had a lovely bank holiday, lots of friends and sunshine and making ginormous bubbles in a local church garden I do love taking pics of flowers, and the colours in these Irises were irresistible. I hope your weekend was similarly relaxed.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen.....

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only Mum who struggles a
bit with everything that drifts out of Wills book bag each day. First there's the reading books and then reminders about milk money, library books, raffle tickets, party invites, watch out for head lice, honestly he has more post than I do! About a week ago a form came back saying that the children should dress up as a character from a nursery rhyme or traditional tale on the last Thursday of term. I must admit I swore a bit when I saw the reminder up on the chalk board last Wednesday...giving me 24 hours to come up with the requested Robin Hood outfit. I had a look at home and found the shorts, top, and brown tights (Annas) and a trip to the charity shops yielded the wrap over shirt. I just had to wait him to come home from a friends house to help me make the hat. I got the pattern from a google search and it was brilliantly easy. Will wanted to make a feather next and we raided my brown box. Will worked the foot pedal and I'm really quite pleased with what we made. I think he looks ace, the only worrying thing is just how much he loved wearing the tights!

Friday, 22 May 2009

A Nifty shoe rack and knitted cakes

What a surreal mixture of goodies for today! Firstly thanks to Nifty for this Winnie the pooh CD which I won from a giveaway on her blog. She wrapped it so nicely and added some extra cuteness. If you haven't seen Niftys knitted Meerkats they really are something to behold!

I have my next stall at a fair on the 6th of June and will be re-stocking frantically over the next couple of weeks. I have been trying to work out how to add height to my display without spending a fortune.....well I spotted this little beauty in the charity shop window. I would have loved this as a dollies clothes air er when I was little and snapped it up for £3 as a brooch display stand. Apparently it's a shoe rack...pah! I would like to make some pretty pegs to use with it so I'll add that to the list! My other main 'job' at the moment, (apart from the wedding stationary, the pegs, the re-stocking, the secret project and the goodie bag items for the 'do') is to knit some cakes. I cannot tell you how blooming brilliant Search Press have been with support for the Makey 'do', (well actually I will but a little later) one of the very kind things they have done is to send me '20 to make Knitted Cakes' by Susan Penny. I think these cakes really sum up the eat cake and craft message of the Makey 'do' and I am planning to knit some stunt cakes to go in window displays around town to promote the event. I have knitted a Swiss roll and am working on a slice of chocolate gateaux. The book is really well written and there are patterns for all abilities. The Swiss roll would be a brilliant first project for a knitting child and they could progress to make a whole play tea party! ( I think I might be regressing!!)

Monday, 18 May 2009

Payment in.......pretty tops!

Hello! I feel like I have been very quiet on the old crafting front lately. I don't seem to have finished much that is new and exciting and a lot of my energies are going into organising the Makey 'do'. I have got some exciting news on that front but I will post about that on the other blog first.

I have also had my first experience of taking the children camping this weekend. I am knackered! We drove to Bristol (ish) and camped in a family members back 'garden' with seven other adults and four other children. It was lovely to spend family time together and it was all very well organised for us, which was lucky as I seemed to have taken nothing very useful and even had to borrow tea bags. It was a good lesson in what we need to do for next time and an even better lesson in just how ruddy cold it can be in May.

You may be wondering what the clothing pictures are all about; my fashion signature is definitely more Coco the clown than Coco Channel, so clothing doesn't normally feature here. But this top is special, not only is it what I'll be wearing to Alice's wedding in a few weeks for-which-I-must-pull-my-finger-out-and-make-the-place-markers-and-favours, (I've found that if I say it quickly in one breath I don't actually have a panic attack!) but it is also a payment for my work. The lovely shop which stocks my brooches took a dozen off me last week and when I started browsing for a top she picked this out for me and we did a swap. I love it- I love the top, and I love the swapping thing, and I love the fact that the trousers that I found to match were a lonely pair on the M&S sale rail in my size and the perfect colour........now if anyone wants to make me a choker in exchange for a brooch and some hair clips.........

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Schlucks, that's my boy!

Hmmm, now where is she going with this one aye? Well (apart from probably having just identified myself as some variety of psychopath- referring to myself in the third person!) I am on about preferences. You know what I mean Marmite, Maggie Thatcher, Pit Bulls things that evoke strong reactions.....but of course anything can. My boy Will will eat anything; any flavour of Hula Hoops and type of yellow hard cheese, any perfect red seedless grape, most Wheetos, yep that's about the sum of his nutritional range...well not quite but you get my drift. Is anyone able to explain to me why then in the last week he has shclucked raw oysters, eaten mussels and sneakily sipped vintage cider- declaring it all 'yummy!'. So is he just painfully middle class? Contrary? Just plan weird? Maybe he just genuinely likes the flavours, the experience, the proving us wrong, I don't really care, good for him!

On the same theme I bought a massive bag of vintage/retro/dated/old fashioned/musty (delete as per you preference) fabric at the last embroiderers guild bring and buy. Thank goodness someone didn't bin it because to me....it's raw oysters.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Present company

It has been a busy old week, and I feel a little washed out. I had my first craft fair since the farmers markets last summer and I was a bit nervous. It was a small affair at a little local school, and just two hours, I was next to a good friend and knew that Nifty would be there. All lovely, so why the nerves? Maybe because I felt it was a bit of a dry run for the Makey do, maybe because my Folksy shop has been dead for months.....maybe just one of those moments of self doubt that hit from time-to-time. Whatever the reason I found it a bit hard. I did sell some brooches, clips and a bag. I gave a free button ring with each purchase which made my stall very popular with children with a couple of pounds to spend. I think this will be my focus for the next fair, lots of pink, lots of lower value items. Somehow though, I'm not feeling the love from the paying public.

I am, however feeling the bloggy love and received this dear little pink parcel the other day. It contained this beautiful tin, which held this gorgeous ceramic button. It is very special and may be something that I use in something made just for me. I think that might be what I need.
So a little sigh and some big thanks to Poppy cottage, you are very kind.