Friday, 22 May 2009

A Nifty shoe rack and knitted cakes

What a surreal mixture of goodies for today! Firstly thanks to Nifty for this Winnie the pooh CD which I won from a giveaway on her blog. She wrapped it so nicely and added some extra cuteness. If you haven't seen Niftys knitted Meerkats they really are something to behold!

I have my next stall at a fair on the 6th of June and will be re-stocking frantically over the next couple of weeks. I have been trying to work out how to add height to my display without spending a fortune.....well I spotted this little beauty in the charity shop window. I would have loved this as a dollies clothes air er when I was little and snapped it up for £3 as a brooch display stand. Apparently it's a shoe rack...pah! I would like to make some pretty pegs to use with it so I'll add that to the list! My other main 'job' at the moment, (apart from the wedding stationary, the pegs, the re-stocking, the secret project and the goodie bag items for the 'do') is to knit some cakes. I cannot tell you how blooming brilliant Search Press have been with support for the Makey 'do', (well actually I will but a little later) one of the very kind things they have done is to send me '20 to make Knitted Cakes' by Susan Penny. I think these cakes really sum up the eat cake and craft message of the Makey 'do' and I am planning to knit some stunt cakes to go in window displays around town to promote the event. I have knitted a Swiss roll and am working on a slice of chocolate gateaux. The book is really well written and there are patterns for all abilities. The Swiss roll would be a brilliant first project for a knitting child and they could progress to make a whole play tea party! ( I think I might be regressing!!)


meplusmolly said...

Ooo knitted cakes! lovely ;0

Simply H said...

What a great idea, the knitted cakes look fab! Yum!

wonderwoman said...

mmm cakes!! sorry, got carried away there - just looking at those makes me hungry! have a lovely weekend!

Wanda said... you as well. :) I'm so excited. Thanks for popping in on my blog.