Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Couch(ed) work so-fa

and in the midst of all the excitement; another stitch signed off! As I said I really do like couching so found it a bit tricky to come up with new ideas but I do like how my chip forks came out

These flowers could do with More I think, I can always revisit them later if the mood takes me.

Finally my more general playing about, with paper, leather, a wrapped twig, anything lurking at the bottom of my box of 'brown' really. 

Feather stitch next, which we did at primary school as Dorset Feather Stitch, so no excuses for not getting that one right!
I wanted to ask you guys about your stash. A lot of mine got packed up and brought down here months ago to go into storage. Over the last couple of weeks Mum and I have been going through it, sorting out bits to go to a car boot sale. I have found the quantity of  wool, paper, fabric and equipment which I have accumulated quite intimidating. Don't get me wrong it's not like boxes floor to ceiling or anything, but I really don't need to buy any supplies for decades probably. It's not an addiction exactly I just like fibre in the same way other women like shoes- although I like shoes in that way too! It's just got so that it's hard to see what I actually have and until I can get into a space where I can get organised I will probably end up buying things because I can't find the things I have already which would do the job just as well. Perhaps that's it- an extension of the whole moving frustration, I need to find a home for my stash? 
So please, tell me do, how is your stash looking? A well organised library of materials, or a heaving monster of tangled threads and crumpled fabric? xxxx

Friday, 26 October 2012

Where did you get that hat where DID you get that smile?

20 to make Knitted Beanies by Susie Johns; this book has been such a hit between Mum and I that we have now knitted three of the twenty hats! There is a really good mix of patterns.  Everything from a pretty silly alien hat to the really sophisticated blossom beanie which Mum has been wearing with her usual panache I have, as yet, completed my two hats on two needles but there is a little lacy cap which would be a perfect project on which to try out a circular needle or even….some double end-eds!! The instructions are very clear and the amount of yarn needed is modest so these would make lovely presents, or the book a good gift for someone who is needing to build their knitting confidence. I am happy with my slouchy beret but tried to knit the other hat in fairisle, my tension was all shot which has distorted the shape. I have to stress this is my up-tight fault and in no way the fault of the pattern! I also like that these patterns can simply be knitted in a different wool weight to make the adult patterns suitable for children and vice versa. All in all another book shelf gem in this affordable range, as long as I can keep track of whose bookshelf it is currently upon; mothers or my own! 
I have no idea why Anna looks possessed in this photo- it might have had something to do with me asking for a nice toothy smile! 

In other news, we have accepted an offer on our house in Sandwich. If the survey is problem free (are they ever?) we should be able to start looking for our permanent Dorset pad in the new year. It is so exciting to be dreaming of all the things we'd like to do in a new place and luckily Simon and I have a similar outlook on decorating. We have the job of packing everything up when we go back at half term, which will be hard I'm sure and goodness only knows what treasure might be uncovered in the loft but this is he final physical tie to Kent and it will be a relief to be able to pop back with the sole purpose of hanging out with lovely friends. 

Look after yourselves! xx

Monday, 22 October 2012

Moustachioed lunacy

Of course, when there is plenty of housework and cooking and coursework to do, when the children are bored or need help with their homework. Then there is only one course of action open to a sane mother.

One must knit a moustache. 

Actually lovely Toby wants to support Movember by selling a few moustache themed items at the coffee house and I found this pattern and got clicking.

I can highly recommend making yourself one- they bring out ones wild side! 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Do you want to join our gang?

Fancy it then? Number 35 is the bestest cafe. Really good vibe,  great cake, stuffed sarnies, leaf tea and coffee for the discerning. Do you know the best thing though? Toby. Yep, the guy who runs this gem is a diamond. I popped in once on the way back from work for a take away cup of tea, when he made me an Earl Grey from leaves and chatted to me whilst it brewed I was impressed. When I wandered past a few days later he waved at me in a friendly smiley way.....so I went in and slapped my heart on my sleeve. I told him about being new to the town, about needing some new crafty friends, about wanting to start a club. He said; have it here, give me your details, I'll make you some friends. Toby was good to his word, and more. We have two meetings of the chain gang and the people who have come along, or just stopped to chat as they passed through have all been lovely. Totally. So if you are anywhere near Dorchester on a Wednesday lunchtime I would love to see you. 
I must introduce you to the fantastic lass who has held my hand,designed the poster, wowed me with her crochet finesse. Sarah is Home to Roost. Considerably classier than me but somehow we have hit it off. Sarah; Thanks so much for being so supportive, open and brilliant, I loves you. x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Life is a helter skelter

Just got to ride it! We have been having some serious tele-communication issues here-abouts and I am delighted to be back on line. DE-lighted. Yep-happy, and now it's time to get back in touch here in blogsville. 

I cannot claim that moving has been hitch free, we have had our wobbles. Certainly my dark and brooding gorgeous boy has been...well...dark and brooding. My lovely lass has retained her Polyanna positivity 99% of the time. Boy are those 1% slips a shocker. I am struggling with not having an identity here. I want to work a bit more really, but I am not in control of this particular part of my destiny. Simon is doing fine= my sure and steady guy- what a Gem. 

Do you want to know when the corner was turned? When Will was glad to be here? When I felt that sigh inside that you only get from coming home? When Anna winged- so we knew she was fine- not pretending for our benefit? We went for a walk. We walked by a river, we didn't see another living soul, we saw a deer, we saw butterflies, we played pooh sticks, we ended our trip with a visit to a spooky old pub for refreshments, we saw the giant with the HUGE willy. 

I think it's all going to be all right. 

Back soon for book reviews, crafty makes, details of our new makey-do club and all the usual. But for now I just wanted to pop in and say 'Hi'.