Saturday, 20 October 2012

Do you want to join our gang?

Fancy it then? Number 35 is the bestest cafe. Really good vibe,  great cake, stuffed sarnies, leaf tea and coffee for the discerning. Do you know the best thing though? Toby. Yep, the guy who runs this gem is a diamond. I popped in once on the way back from work for a take away cup of tea, when he made me an Earl Grey from leaves and chatted to me whilst it brewed I was impressed. When I wandered past a few days later he waved at me in a friendly smiley I went in and slapped my heart on my sleeve. I told him about being new to the town, about needing some new crafty friends, about wanting to start a club. He said; have it here, give me your details, I'll make you some friends. Toby was good to his word, and more. We have two meetings of the chain gang and the people who have come along, or just stopped to chat as they passed through have all been lovely. Totally. So if you are anywhere near Dorchester on a Wednesday lunchtime I would love to see you. 
I must introduce you to the fantastic lass who has held my hand,designed the poster, wowed me with her crochet finesse. Sarah is Home to Roost. Considerably classier than me but somehow we have hit it off. Sarah; Thanks so much for being so supportive, open and brilliant, I loves you. x


Daisie said...

oooooh, do you think I can get there and back in time for the school run :(

Have the best time x

home_to_roost said...

I love you too! So glad you came into my crafty life! xxxx

Poppy Cottage said...

I''ll be there on the Wednesdays when I am not working. Look forward to meeting you all x

trash said...

Aaaw man! I have lived on my hilltop for 20 years and haven't managed this yet.

Jelly Jam said...

Oh grrr, why does everything happen when I'm at work?! I agree No 35 is my fave cafe. I'll have to meet you for a coffee on another day.