Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Couch(ed) work so-fa

and in the midst of all the excitement; another stitch signed off! As I said I really do like couching so found it a bit tricky to come up with new ideas but I do like how my chip forks came out

These flowers could do with More I think, I can always revisit them later if the mood takes me.

Finally my more general playing about, with paper, leather, a wrapped twig, anything lurking at the bottom of my box of 'brown' really. 

Feather stitch next, which we did at primary school as Dorset Feather Stitch, so no excuses for not getting that one right!
I wanted to ask you guys about your stash. A lot of mine got packed up and brought down here months ago to go into storage. Over the last couple of weeks Mum and I have been going through it, sorting out bits to go to a car boot sale. I have found the quantity of  wool, paper, fabric and equipment which I have accumulated quite intimidating. Don't get me wrong it's not like boxes floor to ceiling or anything, but I really don't need to buy any supplies for decades probably. It's not an addiction exactly I just like fibre in the same way other women like shoes- although I like shoes in that way too! It's just got so that it's hard to see what I actually have and until I can get into a space where I can get organised I will probably end up buying things because I can't find the things I have already which would do the job just as well. Perhaps that's it- an extension of the whole moving frustration, I need to find a home for my stash? 
So please, tell me do, how is your stash looking? A well organised library of materials, or a heaving monster of tangled threads and crumpled fabric? xxxx


Poppy Cottage said...

Mine is a heaving massive monster lurking in my bedroom come attic, hidden under beds in various cupboards around here. First thing the estate agent said was de clutter. If I move all of my craft stuff out the cottage would look totally minimalist, next comes my books. A hefty amount of them are also craft books. I DO buy more things because I can't remember where I have put what I have got already.

Mine is an addiction, certifiable addition, not helped by spending any wages I earn when I babysit the wool shop in there. I have this mental block about being able being able to leave that shop without something!

Going to have to arrange to meet up before I get to your Wednesday lunch time session, looks like nearly December before I am around on a Wednesday. One thing on my list of things to do now I am 40 (once I have sold my house) is to do either a C &G in textiles or something more creative then NVQ's in care! S will need to pick your brains (if you don't mind)

Hope half term is going well and sorry for the essay x

Daisie said...

I would love to say my stash is a calm organised affair in it's special place but that would be a lie! My stash is spread throughout the house in all manner of boxes, baskets and bags. x