Sunday, 23 December 2012

This little chap was sewn my Anna at school.I  had no idea that a nice lady came every Friday afternoon to help them do some stitching. How nice that Anna didn't even think this worth commenting on, they do so many varied and interesting things at school! I am seriously considering scanning Robert the Robin in and printing him up with a kitsch border for next years crimbo cards. I hope you are all feeling warm and mellow and not harried and stressed. I am still the later but hope that as all the pressures are self imposed I may slowly be able to let them drift away as the seasons cheers thaws my chilly perfectionist soul....either that or I need to get me some Baileys?
Have a good one my friends, whatever you do and here's to relaxing and having a silent night or two.
Hugs and Kisses. xxxx

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Another feather in my cap

The progress on my course work is slower than ever as festive fever notches up. As always I have things to make before I can finish my wrapping and to be frank the fun has rather gone out of make and do with the anxiety. I'm not moaning though, honest, I don't think I'm alone in feeling totally swamped as the doors on the calender open, seemingly with fewer and fewer hours between each one. 

I have managed to get this sample finished and signed off, which is really good news. This is feather stitch. I put off these samples as I wasn't really sure how   'good' I'd be at them- I don't care how 'good' I am a them now; I'm just really enjoying doing them. Fly stitch is next. Let's hope I can loose myself in it and get me a little escapism. 
I hope y'all are managing to keep calm as the Christmas pressure mounts. Repeat after me;
This is meant to be fun
This is meant to be fun

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

In good shape

My final design module for my City and Guilds was 'shape'. I loved it. I like the cutting and sticking, the weaving, the printing. I like the boldness of it all.  

I liked making the collages, it was all good. I must make sure that I look back through these modules in the future. There are so many ideas in these books.

So that's enough of all the high-brow arty stuff. That all has it's place but for crying out loud people it's DECEMBER. Surely the kitchest month of the year? I bought this knitting book for 75p from the charity shop today. I was drawn to the poodle bottle cover- surely one of these beauties would turn a plain ol' bottle of Advocat into a retro Christmas gift fit for a queen?

Then how about a cute little cottage egg cosy? I am thinking that this should be stuffed with a base added to make a little hanging Xmas dec- the clown should just be knitted to scare naughty children.

Finally I am yearning for a bed jacket. Our rented temporary house is mighty warm but I still get frosty little shoulders reading before lights out so surely a Miss Marple style bed shawl would be the perfect answer- and a chemical free form of contraception! 

I do hope to have some definitive house news for you soon- we are soooo close! xxxxxx