Monday, 18 February 2008

Cream of the crop

Well I've had a fiddle with that ball of lovely cream wool I bought last month. I knitted a flower, added a silk suffolk puff, a vintage button and odd sparkley spangles. A brooch back on a piece of felt on the back and another classy corsage is born! Really like the combination between the wool and the button. I think I'll put the rest of the ball aside to be knitted into a little purse/bag to be adorned with more buttons. I think this would make lovely quirky wedding accesories....maybe one day!!!

Too good to miss.

Well the best laid plans and all that....... I was waking past our local craft shop the other day when to my horror I spotted posters for a half price closing down sale. Bad news in so many ways, sorry to see the shop close and of course totally blew my....'try not to buy anything' resolution out of the water. Have kept the damage to about £20 but of course this is really £40 worth of buttons, ribbons, stickers, papers, brads, etc. etc. etc. to store and use. (Don't regret a single peel off!) A particular bonus is an end to the 'do I have the right coloured button for those pouches' problem. The only problem is that the shop is open for another week and I doubt I will resist another visit. With prices like this who could?????

Cow Bag

Here it us; the finished Cow Bag. I sewed it entirely by hand because I was working on it in lunch hours and odd minutes. It went together quite happily but I think if I made it again I'd just rotary cut out the right sized pieces. The pockets around the bottom give it a nice stability. Originally I'd used some ribon from my stocks, which I wasn't very happy with but then I saw this gingham ribon in the craft shop closing down sale, it looks perfect and only cost me 23p!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Button rings

Will got out his foam beads to do some threading and I couldn't resist having a fiddle. I pinched some of hs Scobidou string (that very thin plastic tubing that kids knot and thread to make key rings etc) and tried to recreate some rings I had seen.....easy peasy! Will joined in and we made these two in no time! The rings are very comfy and the buttons came from a massive bag from 'The Works'so the whole thing cost about tuppence....fabuloso! Wil (4) wants to wear his to nursery, that's my boy.


These are the bands that followed the reckless purchase of the Patchwork magazine. The little pouches I plan to make need them as a fastener. I have cut out some fabric today and realized I might not have the right colour buttons to complete the closure. I was just starting to plan where I could buy some when I remebered that I am TRYING TO REDUCE MY 'STUFF'. I rang Mum and she says she'll look for some buttons. I have seen that you can decorate plain buttons with nail varnish and I'm sure that I have some plain black buttons and I definetly have some pretty wild nail varnish. So it looks like damage is limited to the hairbands but have realized that I didn't have to use the recommended form of closure at all and that I have a lovely book of finishing techniques.......damn damn damn. The creativity kicks in after the urge to splurge.....again!

Paper Flowers

I bought these tiny paper flowers reduced in Lakeland plastics when I thought that a friend and I might be doing a cardmaking workshop for valentines day.(it never happened) I wondered for ages wether to 'fess up' as these aren't realy for my textile fiddlings but I thought that if paper was 'off the record' then that particular stash might get even more out of hand. I gave some of these to a friend who leant me some rubber stamps to make birthday and valentines day cards. I promise to use some in a Mothering Sunday card, and some more in my this space.


Why oh why can't I resist? I bought theses to read on a long bus journey and then felt sick! The bead magazine has some lovely ideas for macrame and button necklaces and the patchwork mag attracted me with the little folded up bag/pouch thingamys. I thought I could have a go at these on holiday at Centre Parcs at the end of the month, unfortunatly it did result in an additional purchase, woops!