Monday, 18 February 2008

Cream of the crop

Well I've had a fiddle with that ball of lovely cream wool I bought last month. I knitted a flower, added a silk suffolk puff, a vintage button and odd sparkley spangles. A brooch back on a piece of felt on the back and another classy corsage is born! Really like the combination between the wool and the button. I think I'll put the rest of the ball aside to be knitted into a little purse/bag to be adorned with more buttons. I think this would make lovely quirky wedding accesories....maybe one day!!!

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Sharon said...

Hi Jennyflower! I've found you by way of 'feeling stitchys' comment thingy, Great blog and I really love this knitted flower! and the whole half woman/magpie statment made me laugh out loud, sounds far too familiar!!