Monday, 12 January 2009

Mug swap.

I am hosting my first ever swap and would love you to take part, yes YOU. You might be a lurker, a non Blogger, an 'international', a swap virgin, whatever- you are welcome.
The swap will work like this;
I will give you a person to send to; this will not be a direct swap so they won't be the same person who sends to you.
You will need to find a mug/cup to send them, this could be from the charity (thrift) shop, from the sales, wherever, but no pressure to spend ££££'s. You can then go to town stuffing the little mug full of crafting lovelies. Ideally you will pop in at least one hand made item. Then you need to pack it up and post it to your partner by the end of February. This is to give all those who have a busy making time for valentines day a chance to join in.
So we know enough about each other to personalise the swap I'd like you to leave a comment on this post, if you'd like to join in, with
Your preferred drink e.g tea, coffee, choc, Gin.
The crafts you enjoy e.g sewing, knitting, beading, paper craft etc
I see no reason that this swap can't involve a crafter of any sort, please don't be shy!
If you have a 'no' reply' blogger account please also include your e-mail. I'd like comments by Friday please so that I can let you all know who you'll be swapping with next weekend.

The photo is my bestest mug, from Whittards, and the cupcakes were made by Simon and the children yesterday.
PLEASE NOTE: cup cake is not included in the swap.


Swirlyarts said...

Ooooh what a great idea!! Count me in :) My preferred drink is tea (fruity or normal I'm not fussed) and I love papercrafting and sewing. I'm also venturing into mixed media :)
Can I just say again that I love this idea!!

Daisie said...

Finally, people want to play!! Thought it would just be a Jen and Daisie swap!

I am mum to three small people, I knit, do stuff with paper, sew and like to recycle stuff. I love stuff that is black or purple (or both). I like to read. I mostly drink peppermint tea but love it when my hubby is home to grind his special beans for the bestest coffee ever!!

Phew, is that enough Jen or do you need to know more! Only joking!!


Jude said...

Count me in, preferred drink is fresh coffee. I try to quilt,knit and sew.....

Kitty said...

I'll play! It's a great idea.

I'm a sewer ... no, make that a sewist. I make sock monkeys and lots of them, but enjoy lots of other sewing too. I like appliqué too.

My favourite tea is ginger tea - I make it with freshly chopped ginger from the supermarket.

Jenny - do you have a button? I'm happy to help with that if you need a hand.


Indigo Blue said...

This is an original idea! I would like to give this a go.
I drink tea, I like Whittards too so they may have a sale on still. I bought a nice blue and white on from them last year for £2.00. I am mainly into sewing, love fabric and buttons beads you name it. Visit my blog to get ideas etc. I intend to visit my partners whoever they will be.
Looking forward to this. I am looking forward to this swap.

Indigo Blue said...

Take Kitty up on her button offer. She made one for my Christmas Decoration swap and it was brilliant.

saraeden said...

Ooooh me to please !!!

I am a green tea drinker or water !!
Fabrics and sewing are my thing , i love buttons and pretty things .

Sara x

kleinzonnetje said...

Oooh! can I join in too? I love fresh coffee and am an avid knitter/crocheter who is 'dipping her toe' into sewing and quilting!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

God this is a fab swap and similar to one I thought about doing. But I'll save that for another day...
I love to drink vodka, Baileys, Tia Maria, cocktails, but on a daily basis coffee is fave.
I'm another sewist (yay Kitty I've never liked sewer either lol). Fabric and fibre, buttons and braids, baubles and beads all float my boat. Any more info??? I do belly dancing and now morris dancing (honest!!).
OK I'll stop now.
Cheers Jenny for this.

calicodaisy said...

I'll join your swap. I read about you on purpleandpaisley's blog.

My name is Michele, and I have teenagers, one in college. I am a Diet Coke lover but will drink hot chocolate in the winter. The rest of my family loves coffee. I sew, embroider, and crochet. Just check out my blog, and you'll know what I'm up to lately.

Jackie said...

Your other half is a little gem isn't he?
Good luck with the mug swap. Should I?..I might....
Oh no I know I just can't fit it in.
Maybe next time.

Ani said...

Hello! I found your delightful blog link at Purple and Paisley - I love the idea of sending off a mug to someone! Count me in!

I like coffee and tea but if I have to choose it will be tea. Have been enjoying some 'Red White Fusion' blend I received at Christmas, tis yummy.

I create cloth dolls, love to bead, have delved into book making and will sew anything! I'm a new-this-year blogger but have been having a blast checking out all the cool-n-crafty blogs I find. I have a 14 yo DD and a DH who I tell everyone is my '2nd child'.
Best, Ani

Sharon said...

Yes please I want to play too! I'm a coffee drinking sewer, printer, fabric hoarder, very bad crocheter and general mess maker!

MollyandIzzie said...

Hello - what a super idea - i love itI Please count me in. My favorite drink is hot chocolate of any kind - minty, orange, white - any kind i'm not fussy!

My favorite material to work with by far is felt but i also love all things pink, purple and sparkly and i am also attempting to knit!

I'm going to go start thinking of things for the mug now!

love Sarah

Jacky said...

My first visit to your blog (came across from Jackie's).
I would love to join in your swap if thats OK...I am from Australia though, hope thats not a problem.
My preferred tea is Peppermint and I love fabric, threads and collaging.

artytarty said...

Hello Lovely one!
Tis I.
I would love to do the swap.
I love tea. (Yorkshire Tea!)
I love paper and card and bling type stuff.I love music and chocolate and ribbon and pens and pencils and more paper and pictures and paints and animals.
I dont have a blog.. :(
But I would still love to do the swap!
Love barbs

(Did I mention that I love paper?)

Tip Top said...

Yes please! I love drinking tea (bog standard variety) with 2 sugars. But do like hot chocolate! I do the papercrafting thing but like texture and fluffy things too and try to incorporate them into my paper stuff. And I lurve ribbons and buttons - but ribbons are first!

Hehehe! Fantastic idea!!!

Jude said...

Wow, that's a result.... Look what a bit of advertising does!! How many do you have for the swap now?

Bagladee said...

Oooohhh I'd love to take part too please.

I love tea and coffee....I am a bag designer and fabricator but adore any kind of craft and will have a go at almost anything. I love funky brights and any excuse for a good natter :)

Purple and Paisley said...

hi jenny! i hope i am still in! my favorite drink is coffee with lots of cream...and i love quilting and crocheting...mostly crochet at the moment...just learned and am having fun creating little amigurumis...thanks! ☺

LaMia Designs said...

i would love to participate...count me in.i am an independent designer love anything creative and i drink lots of tea!

Anonymous said...

Ooh yes please I would love to sign up.
I love tea and coffee, as well as hot chocolate. I love to try out new flavours.
I mainly scrapbook and make cards, although I am playing with sewing (hand stitching as can't afford a machine just yet!) and would like to learn how to crochet. I love buttons!!

More ideas on my likes are on my blog.

JuliaB said...

boooo hoo! I am so behind with my blogging that I have missed your mug swap!! humph. Oh well .. next time.


Richard Freeman said...

Hey Jenny, this looks great! Can I come in on the next one? I had a really love mug in mind from the Tea Appreciation society - - so will save that for next time!

Thanks so much for your comments on my tipi blog too - am off to visit some pole, peg and ropemakers over the next few months so do check back to see how I am getting on!

Many thanks, Richard

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi Jenny,

I would love to do the mug swap.

I love tea. Strong tea. I like anything scandinavian in style, I like green and abstract patterns. I love Bjorn Wiinblad style.

I sew, knit and embroider and make weird creatures...

I like vintage kitchy type things as well - 50's,60's.

I also have a 'thing' about mugs - I have way too many!!

How exciting!!

The Devil Makes Work said...

Oh hold on - am I too late??

Terry Busse said...

Hi, Is it to late to play? I thought I had left a comment before, but I don't see it up now.
I would love to play too!
I love tea - black tea. love fabric, fiber, shinny stuff,

Thecraftytrundler said...

Am I too late, I hope not. I like Lemon & Ginger Tea. I am a relatively new blogger ( 1 week today), and have never joined in a swap before, it's a lovely idea!
I love patchwork, pretty fabrics, and ribbons.
Hope to hear from you.

Happy swapping

Thecraftytrundler a.k.a. Sharon xx

JenMeister said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JenMeister said...

I've realised I already have a few swaps on around then, so I've withdrawn... but I'll be keeping my eye out for the next one, when things settle down! :)

Sandi said...

Do you have room for one more? I would love to fill a mug with goodies and send it off for a treat to someone. I love to sew and do embroidery. Enjoy a good cup of Early Grey or Irish Breakfast Tea. Also a good cup of hot cocoa. I am wife, mom, grandma and I love to have fun!

Anonymous said...

Am I to late?! I want in. This sounds like super fun plus I'm addicted to swapping.
My preferred drink is black coffee. I like all things old, vintage, and grungy. I can also be woo'ed with dark chocolate and anything sparkly. Resin is my medium of choice.

Lurline said...

Oooh, end of Feb - am I too late? Love the idea and I promise if I am included it will not be an Aussie Ocker mug - will wait until I hear before I get too excited - hugs - Lurline♥

wendie said...

Am I too late? This sounds like so much fun and I love mugs! I've never done a swap before, so I'm a newbie.

My drink of choice is tea. I love the stuff and am always looking for something fabulous to drink it out of.

I dabble in all sorts of crafts, but my heart belongs to paper. I love stationary!

smilernpb said...

I think I may have stumbled across this blog too late too, but never mind, I will post my details anyway and keep my fingers crossed. I am a newbie too - both to crafting and blogging.

My drink of choice is tea, and normal tea at that (no herbal stuff for me!).

My e-mail is

If I'm too late, just let me know and I'll try and keep my eye open for any other swaps!

Emma Loves Stitching said...

Hi, I'm guessing I might be too late for this swap, I've only just come across your blog....If i'm not, i'm a tea drinker through and through whether it's hot or cold outside.

I love stitching, i'm a magpie for embellishments and buttons in particular!! Absolutely love fabric, and yes i spend ages stroking fabric and staring into the middle distance.

If i am too late, will look out for future swaps.