Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Have you been over to cuteable? I've been visiting for a long time and they are currently having a giveaway....WHooo-hooooo. Anyway the lovely Swirly has said that if anyone wanted to add to the giveaway basket she would put them on the site with a lovely link. I made this little brooch, (a bit classy for me!) and then there it was up in lights on Cuteable-lovely! Do hop over and enter the giveaway is now massive and choc-a-block with loveliness.
I have had lots of late-comers to the Mug swap and have decided to open a second wave of swapping. If you missed the boat first time around and would like to take part please leave me a comment but do please make sure I can reply. I need to be able to e-mail you so if you are in any doubt about weather you have a no-reply blogger profile please leave your e-mail in the comment. I know this sounds harsh but I am finding it impossible to keep track of who's Blog I have had to visit to leave a comment to get back to me. This wave really will be 'it' and will close on Friday 23rd with names and addresses being mailed out by the end of the weekend. The closing date will remain the end of February.
I hope all of you who are in the first wave are having fun coming up with the goodies, I'm just off to work on mine now-after the washing up-oh what a glamorous life!


Kitty said...

I knew you'd get more interest - it's such a great idea!

The brooch is fab - well done you. x

Sharon said...

Saw you on Cuteable!(Don't we look fab!!) The mug swap is such a good idea, well done!

Primrose Corner said...

Gorgeous brooch. Really stylish.

wonderwoman said...

yes please!!! i would love to do your mug swap, count me in!


JuliaB said...

count me in! x

Raspberry Cupcake said...

Your brooch is really nice, I love the colour!

The cuteable giveaway winner is going to have piles of lovely stuff!

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely brooch.
Twiggy x