Friday, 9 January 2009

Mug shot

vote here for your favourite entry in the Folksy Make the News competition, there are 13 great entries and voting closes at midnight on Sunday. (see post below on my entry and why I made it)
I am hoping to be clearer on the swap by the end of the weekend, I have had some interest but mostly in a 'what are you going on about?' kind of way so think I may need to re-think! Please give me your thoughts. I am wondering now whether to start one of those boxes with treasure in where you take some out and contribute something and send it on, or a simple theme straight swap- e.g Cariad has just posted about her cup-perhaps we could fill a mug for each other with crafting goodies....oooo that sounds a bit more like it yep I'm liking this, then anyone can join in, like Griffin could write us something and we could make him something for his writing. Right sorry to be quite so fickle but think that's it. A mug swap....Who's in.
I think this is how the blog works for me, a place to crystallize my thoughts.


Daisie said...

Good idea!! We all fill a mug and send it to you and then you dish them out willy nilly or will we have 'parteners' like swimming at junior school?
Very excited now!
Just off to see if anyone has voted for us yet....

Jude said...

Yes, well, okish, but will I be included here in Crete x

Purple and Paisley said...

just went and voted for you...☺ your swap open to internationals?...if so, count me in!

jennyflower said...

Everyone can join in and yes Daisy we will all have a swimming partner so the mugs and contents can be truly personal. I will Blog again Monday and will give next Friday as a sign-up deadline and give you partners next weeknend sound cool?

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Hello fuzzy lady. Can I play? I faffed about too long and missed 'Katy Ginger Monkey's fat quarter swap' so I don't want to miss another.
Have we got to wear swimming cozzies when we fill our mugs? (