Saturday, 11 June 2011


I didn't twig this technique is called hardanger (hard-anger) until just a few second ago. It did make me a bit frustrated because it is a tiny bit tricky but I guess trickyfrustrated isn't such a good sewing term! In this method blocks of satin stitch (kloster blocks) are worked at intervals to enclose an area after which section of ground fabric can be removed. the remaining grid of threads can then be bound and enhanced. I am really pleased with the part worked square sample but struggled with the stepped piece.
I am loving that this is just the sort of stitching that I have seen on vintage tray cloths and thought -I wonder how the bally heck they did that- now I know, and it's cool. I think I'd like to have a play at doing something with more colour- but then again maybe I should just revel in the history if the whole thing and make a tray cloth!

In other news it is now just EIGHT WEEKS until our wedding. Yep 56 little days. I am feeling a bit sick and I have a list as long as a chimps arm of jobs to do. But I am actually very weepy at the thought of actually marrying the man I have loved for so long.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Towing the line

Hello! I hope those of you with small members of your family have had a great half term, we did! I took some pics of our break on t'other camera which means I will have to sneak onto Simon's computer to download them and post them here, which I will try to do in the very near future. Meanwhile my City and Guilds course has seen my first unit of work passed through internal verification - what a relief. I enjoyed making lots of lovely collages= worth renewing Simon's National Geographic subscription just so I can cut them up! I enjoyed producing the odd sketch with which I was relatively happy.
I enjoyed less the annotating, labelling, titling, indexing. I don't know why, I am a fairly ordered person generally but for me somehow creating and ordering don't mix. Anyway, like I say, signed off-done!

Also signed off and done is our little garden. We are so pleased with it and when the planting takes hold it will be perfect. I made lots of lists of plants I wanted whilst watching Chelsea, but we will have to add them season by season as some are a bit special.
Here the water feature is turned off as it needs a tiny bit of sealing and needs to be dry, but it forms a sheet of water into the pond which I hope will be home to some fish in the not too distant. There is lighting along the wall for evening sitting out, plenty of seating for said sitting. I have a herb garden and a couple of spots for some Dorset sculptures. All in all well worth the mess and disruption- a bit like the kids!!