Monday, 16 February 2015

Give it to me straight

Here we go, my straight stitch sample now signed off and only one more to go! This one was quite a challenge for me. Just a straight stitch, I did manage to come up with some textures with which I was happy and I like the radiating directional stitches. I made most of my samples on the same hoop so am thinking about buying a number of these hoops, mounting up the samples and trying to get them on display somewhere. I have done all this work and there are ideas I know I will loose if they simply get packed away. 

It is weird to be thinking about my final projects for the City and Guilds. I have bought an A3 sketchbook to start thinking about my first resolved piece. I usually work in smaller books which somehow results in smaller work so this is a bit of a challenge to myself.

Apart from the coursework I am helping out with a Victorian Fayre at the museum where I volunteer. I will be on a table showing Dorset buttons and inviting people to pay to make a 'singleton' button. These handmade thread buttons were an important cottage industry in this area and were unfortunately seen off during the Victorian period by the button making machines which were unveiled at the great exhibition. I am so enjoying learning a little, drip by drip, whilst at the museum. My school history rather bleakly covered only wars, very important but it didn't peak my interest to continue my studies. I am wondering if my resolved course pieces might incorporate studies of items in the museum,we offer tours based on 'take one piece' where students choose an item on display which they find interesting and then research around it to make it come alive for them. I think I'd like to work on a textile response to some of our exhibits...which range from dinosaur skeletons to ecclesiastical metal work. It could go anywhere couldn't it?

I hope you are well and happy and ploughing through bleak winter? Look after yourself won't you? x