Sunday, 29 June 2008

Award, for little me? Why thank you!

Look what I got! Terri, who has a lovely quilting, cute kids, general silliness blog, which I visit everyday has passed me this award! Thank you. x
If you haven't already noticed there is a list of other blogs which I check in on on a daily basis down my side bar. All of these people can consider themselves a huge inspiration and take a big virtual hug. I thought that I would pass this award on to some newer finds who I am getting to've made it onto my delicious list!;
The newest addition to my Blog list is
altered life, a lovely mix of makeys and other adventures
sew christine, another Kent crafter whooo hooo!
scary mommy, very funny, does exactly what it says on the tin!
juicy fig, gorgeous photos, lovely 'stuff', cool outlook.
lucykate crafts, a funny one this, I find some blogs so beautiful and there creators so talented that I feel a bit dirty just looking at them. I was pretty sure I was too shy to tag this Blog but when I dropped in today the entry is all about things that went a bit wrong. So here it is, because maybe just maybe one is perfect!
Thanks again Terri and to all of you who keep me away from the washing up and sometimes from supervising the day I shall show you Annas wall art!

Birthday girl.

Hello! We're back! This is Anna on the grand occasion of her second birthday which was spent in Dorset at Gran and Grumpys. I think this may be the first blog entry with no crafting or at least shopping for crafting so I'm sorry it that's what you dropped in for. We had an ace holiday, stopping in at Lego land on the way, Will was in his element....well so was I actually! I did get some make and do done while we were away, Mum merrily unpicked the neck of Annas jumper with much tutting and sighing at 'what the hell have you done here?'ing and has now put a neck on it for me. (if knitting is my special super hero power then making up knitting is my kryptonite!). We got a pattern made for some mad trousers for Simon.....more to come. Finally Mum showed me four files of knitting patterns she has been given that she wondered if I could give away through the blog! Very exciting but not sure how to go about this, any ideas?

Friday, 20 June 2008

Barbaras brooch

I do love making these brooches! Barbara's sister Beryl had treated her to an amazing jacket in silver emerald and amethyst. It's gorgeous but we both knew it was missing something, it was missing this! I can't wait to see it in situ. I made the box to match again...Simon said he thinks the boxes detract from the brooches. He thinks the brooches look professional but the boxes apparently look 'hand made' (he didn't say this in a kind way!) I feel the brooches need packaging to make them saleable on a craft stand. I have sold them just pinned to a piece of card before, and have them on Etsy with drawstring bags but not sure now where to go. What do you guys think? How do you pack your gorgeous items for sale?

Thursday, 19 June 2008

You can find it at a car boot sale!

I really hate big car boot sales (and we have some massive ones near us) I find them slightly depressing. Last Saturday however there was a cricket club boot fair at Worth cricket ground. (Worth is a tiny village-the annual school intake is about 10!) It was lovely. Anna got some Tinkerbell sunglasses for 10p and Will got a car game. I was a very lucky girl. I picked up wool, antique lace, vintage postcards and a bead kit...£3.50. I'm not sure I'm proper hooked, but I am very pleased with my bargain treasure.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Baby goodies

Jen received her parcel this morning so now I can show you what was in it! I had made a blanket for her first baby which my pal had found useful and 'O' now uses for her dolly, so Jen asked for one for bump number two. I thought her neat little bump contained a boy-not sure why so I made the blanket in an aqua colour. But when I got the text to say they had had a girl I knitted and sewed like fury to try to gt something finished in a less neutral colour. The little knitted waistcoat unbuttons totally flat so that you don't have to squish a wriggly child into it. I am particularly pleased with the booties which are made from a pattern I bought from Etsy. They go together really well and use up little pieces of fabric. I always love card making and enjoyed the moment when I could set down my needles and get out the glue stick to make the card. All in all a nice package but not half as gorgeous as my favourite little family!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Presents galore

I haven't posted for ages and the simple reason is that I have been working on lots of little gifts. My best friend has had her baby a couple of weeks early (Congratulations Jen, Kev and O!) so I will post their gifts when they have seen them. These bits are for a lady at work and her friend. Jane has been bringing me in all sorts of goodies; wool, fabric and wadding. Who could say no? Mum made Jane the fab lilac bag (these are a real speciality of Mum's and popped in a couple of extra knitted flowers for me to make into a brooch. The rust coloured number was my creation for Janes' friend who has been passing things on and I'm quite pleased with it. It's the first time I've made a gift box for a brooch and A4 card comes up just the right size. I'm planning to do a few more like this for the next fair I do, sort of a 'bit more than card but not an embarrassing present' type gift.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Tea-towel addict

So obviously as picture one shows the rag-tag assortment of tea-towels that I rootled out from between the sink and washing mchine I do NEED some new ones. These four little darlings are far too nice to go in my tip of a kitchen and I am waiting for inspiration to hit and tell me what I can make from them.....especially as my collection is now up to seven too-nice-to-use towels. Any suggestions? Mum if you happen to see this all I can say is I'm sorry. (Mums towels have hanging loops and get day I'll make her proud...!)

Monday, 2 June 2008


Thank you Daisie for this award, such a lovely start to my week! I want to pass it on to Pink Petal Designs who is organinsing a swap which I'm currently working on. This will be my first ever swap and I'm nearly loosing sleep over it. my partner Sara makes LOVELY things and I'm a bit nervous abot letting her down. Feels a bit first-date-ish!

Just to clarify a bit on the ATC/ACEO thing. ATC stands for Artist Traing Card and are meant to be swapped or just given to be nice. they measure 2.5" x 3.5" and are not meant to be sold. They can be in any medium. (Yes Terri, that little paper thingamy I sent was an ATC!) An ACEO is Art Card Edition or Orginal. These are new to me but as far as I can see they are the same size as ATCs and are sold. I guess the danger is that something that was made and swapped in the good faith of fellow crafters could then be sold on. My resolution is that I will make small pieces of textile art but I will make them slightly larger than ATC size (say 3"x4") and then there can be no confusion. I will make sure any ATCs I make are labelled as such on the back.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

ACEO friend or foe?

I love ATC's I think they're a really nice idea. That you swap them or just give them only added to their charm for me. B-u-t I have to admit to a tiny part of me saying, these are so cute....maybe we could sell them! And then I felt dirty and mean, until I saw that people were making ACEO's little peces of art coincidentaly the same sze as ATCs. My feelings on this are now ping-ponging between disgust and excitement, could I sell some ACEO's? Did I write ATC on the back of all the little treasures I made? What is the etiquette here? Answers please on the back of an ATC or in the comment box, to sell or not to sell?
This one is embellished felt and hand embroidery, the idea for which came from a vintage embroidery book.