Sunday, 1 June 2008

ACEO friend or foe?

I love ATC's I think they're a really nice idea. That you swap them or just give them only added to their charm for me. B-u-t I have to admit to a tiny part of me saying, these are so cute....maybe we could sell them! And then I felt dirty and mean, until I saw that people were making ACEO's little peces of art coincidentaly the same sze as ATCs. My feelings on this are now ping-ponging between disgust and excitement, could I sell some ACEO's? Did I write ATC on the back of all the little treasures I made? What is the etiquette here? Answers please on the back of an ATC or in the comment box, to sell or not to sell?
This one is embellished felt and hand embroidery, the idea for which came from a vintage embroidery book.


Sherrin said...

I'd like to know also... I recently had someone comment on one of my gocco cards as an ACEO, and prior to her comment, I hadn't even known about the. So I went googling, and got all excited about the prospect as well. Will be interested to see what replies you get here.

Jodie said...

hmmm, no idea really. But I can see your piece framed with a big white border - looking gorgeous and costing a fortune. Does that help?

Daisie said...

Jodie has a point, lots of people are selling ATCs renamed ACEOs and I'm not sure I like the idea but if you framed them up then they are just small works of art. The one you made for me is waiting to be mounted and framed cos it's sooooo lovely!

karen said...

Well I don't know what an ATC or an ACEO are but if it is YOUR work, then why not sell it, or am I missing the whole point and being dumber than dumb???

saraeden said...

Hiya , My kitchen is duck egg blue with pale pink and red accents ... sound nice eh !! But no really its a big WIP at the moment but i do like pale colours ... does that help any ?

How about you pale or bright ? What colour is your kitchen ? clues please !!

Sara x


jenny - what does atc stand for anyway? is the angel you sent me an atc? and what is an aceo? i don't know about these things...but yours is beautiful...=)

Griffin said...


What purple and paisley said. I don't know what ATC or ACEO stand for, only that the one you sent me was delightful.

I have seen similar things attached to cards so you could do that and then sell them.

Then buy more craft stuff... then it's not so dirty and mean. It's self-sufficient creation. Spin doctor, moi?