Monday, 16 June 2008

Baby goodies

Jen received her parcel this morning so now I can show you what was in it! I had made a blanket for her first baby which my pal had found useful and 'O' now uses for her dolly, so Jen asked for one for bump number two. I thought her neat little bump contained a boy-not sure why so I made the blanket in an aqua colour. But when I got the text to say they had had a girl I knitted and sewed like fury to try to gt something finished in a less neutral colour. The little knitted waistcoat unbuttons totally flat so that you don't have to squish a wriggly child into it. I am particularly pleased with the booties which are made from a pattern I bought from Etsy. They go together really well and use up little pieces of fabric. I always love card making and enjoyed the moment when I could set down my needles and get out the glue stick to make the card. All in all a nice package but not half as gorgeous as my favourite little family!


Sharon said...

Lovely baby goodies! Don't think that was my brain under your sofa, it's a known fact cheerios currently have a higher I.Q!!

Sherrin said...

What a gorgeous bundle of goodness!

jb said...

Thank you again for all the wonderful gifts. Much appreciated. Aren't you a clever girlie! I really like the shoes and thought they were cute and tiny until I put them on baby's feet - they look huge! Most try them again now she's grown a bit. Thanks again. Enjoying the blog, nice to see what you've been up to! x