Friday, 20 June 2008

Barbaras brooch

I do love making these brooches! Barbara's sister Beryl had treated her to an amazing jacket in silver emerald and amethyst. It's gorgeous but we both knew it was missing something, it was missing this! I can't wait to see it in situ. I made the box to match again...Simon said he thinks the boxes detract from the brooches. He thinks the brooches look professional but the boxes apparently look 'hand made' (he didn't say this in a kind way!) I feel the brooches need packaging to make them saleable on a craft stand. I have sold them just pinned to a piece of card before, and have them on Etsy with drawstring bags but not sure now where to go. What do you guys think? How do you pack your gorgeous items for sale?


Purple and Paisley said...

i love the boxes and it's like getting a bonus when you get the brooch! and what in the heck is a car boot sale? i so love the way you talk...=)...but sometimes i'm not sure what you mean? my favorite expression of yours? when you called me a poor "poppet" when my basement i call my grandkids "poppets!" have a wonderful always make me smile...and tell simon to be nice!!!!!

jennyflower said...

Sorry! I thnk Car Boots are like loads of people doing a 'yard sale' in a big field. They are, therefore out of peoples car boots (trunks). They start stupidly early, usualy on a Sunday. They are a good way of picking up cheap stuff, collecting or amusing early risng chilren for an hour with £1 ($2) and a hot dog! Hope that helps. xxxxx

Daisie said...

I love the boxes and what exactly is wrong with them looking 'handmade'?
I have organza draw string bags for my bracelets but tend to go for the brown paper and string look. Understated.

liz said...

I love your brooches. I have been planning to make something like this (not as nice, though) with my flower loom, which of course has never come out of its packet!
I don't think you need to package them at all, they look to me as if they sell themselves . Maybe just a bit of tissue paper? But then what do I know, I've never sold anything!

Genie said...

Beautiful Brooch and box.

Griffin said...

Er, he does know you work with needles doesn't he? In which case I hope he said that from behind a sofa or having raced out of the door.

Hell hath no fury than a woman with needles... and/or pins.