Saturday, 14 June 2008

Presents galore

I haven't posted for ages and the simple reason is that I have been working on lots of little gifts. My best friend has had her baby a couple of weeks early (Congratulations Jen, Kev and O!) so I will post their gifts when they have seen them. These bits are for a lady at work and her friend. Jane has been bringing me in all sorts of goodies; wool, fabric and wadding. Who could say no? Mum made Jane the fab lilac bag (these are a real speciality of Mum's and popped in a couple of extra knitted flowers for me to make into a brooch. The rust coloured number was my creation for Janes' friend who has been passing things on and I'm quite pleased with it. It's the first time I've made a gift box for a brooch and A4 card comes up just the right size. I'm planning to do a few more like this for the next fair I do, sort of a 'bit more than card but not an embarrassing present' type gift.


Indigo Blue said...

Thank you for visitng my blog. The purple knitted bag is lovely. My knitting is not great but I do like making bags. I too have recently made a quilt for my daughter. Yes, I did my teaching practice at Budmouth School along Chickerell Road. Really enjoyed it too.

liz said...

Hey, thanks for your lovely comment. I love it when new people visit, I get to find a whole new lot of blogs to visit that I didn't know about before. Lovely things here:)

liz said...

I meant to say, I love your ideas for a group of crafters, I think we are a fluff!
Just off to look at a bit more of your blog, happy I found you.