Sunday, 29 June 2008

Birthday girl.

Hello! We're back! This is Anna on the grand occasion of her second birthday which was spent in Dorset at Gran and Grumpys. I think this may be the first blog entry with no crafting or at least shopping for crafting so I'm sorry it that's what you dropped in for. We had an ace holiday, stopping in at Lego land on the way, Will was in his element....well so was I actually! I did get some make and do done while we were away, Mum merrily unpicked the neck of Annas jumper with much tutting and sighing at 'what the hell have you done here?'ing and has now put a neck on it for me. (if knitting is my special super hero power then making up knitting is my kryptonite!). We got a pattern made for some mad trousers for Simon.....more to come. Finally Mum showed me four files of knitting patterns she has been given that she wondered if I could give away through the blog! Very exciting but not sure how to go about this, any ideas?


Purple and Paisley said...

happy birthday, cutie pie!!!!!

Daisie said...

Hello, I've missed you!! Anna looks lovely in the dress your Mum made, hope she had a lovely birthday!
Lucky you getting lots of goodies from Mum. Personally I would do it as a swap. Get people to leave a comment and say what they would swap. ie; "I would love some easy baby knits and I have a bundle of die cut paper shapes you could have in return" Only a suggestion. That way you get something in return for all the time and money in posting patterns out to everyone in blogland.
Please tell Simon that he is a wonderufl husband, my Simon draws the line at me making anything for him to wear!!

tom said...


Glad you had a good holiday. I know what you mean about putting knitting together, I always forget that it's actually quite a big job in itself. Looking forward to seeing Simon's mad trousers.

JuliaB said...

Welcome back! Have you been on hols?

Griffin said...

She's a little sweetie! Happy birthday... albeit late.

As for the patterns, I'd agree with Daisie on that one... but what do I know.

Mad trousers... hmm, well that will teach him to make comments about home-made brooch boxes!!

Can we have pictures? Ideally with the model wearing them?