Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bored yet?

We honeymooned for two nights a week after the wedding in north Somerset at Porlock Weir. We stayed at an old hunting lodge, now Millers. It was bliss. Porlock Weir is tiny, a pub, a cafe or two, some tiny gift shops and the hotel. We didn't want for anything though. Great company, fantastic food, gorgeous Gin, who could want for more? Apart from eating well and 'enjoy
ing each others company' we spent hours playing on the beach.
Simon started by stacking stones in
to towers, the rocks were perfect for this and he made quite a few structures
which reminded us of the Easter Island statues somehow.
Next he looked out for rocks
with right angles chipped from them, he gathered four to make a square. He also made a very subtle rainbow, sequencing slightly coloured rocks. It was really funny watching Simon so engrossed, he is a scientist always reading and fascinated by new ideas and concepts
but playing with natural materials seems to be his creative calling, he enjoys the temporary nature, the hard nature of the materials the

I tried to do some sketching, everything came out rather

weak, a reflection that I am out of practice. The pen and ink study was the last page I worked on and I am much happier with this, I think working in ink demands a braver, stronger approach. I want to use the sketches and photographs and some studies of pieces of wood and shell I bought back to form the basis of some work for my City and Guilds. So our honeymoon was short but perfect and the images we have bought back mean so much to us- we will never forget our time at Porlock Weir.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Gifts from the heart

Our wedding had a lot of handmade going on. I made mine and Anna's button bouquets. Mum, Dad and the kids helped make the flowers whilst we on holiday at Haven. Gran did 'matchy matchy' whilst Anna and I went all 'clashy clashy'. It was a sod to form into a bouquet but of course it was inexpensive to make and can gather dust for the rest of our married life!
We received some really gorgeous gifts too. Gwen received a tiny little package from me when I did a Pay it Forward ages and ages ago. She felt, rather sweetly, that she wanted to pay it backwards too and these simply beautiful pillow cases arrived from the U.S. I am so touched.
Maria had made some really cute heart themed decs for me in a swap a while back. They came to the wedding and hung down the front of the tables now this one is adorning the dining room door.

Also hanging there is this delightful stitching. A good friend and good person made it for us and I shall be making sure it is displayed prominently to ensure that our anniversary is never forgotten!
Another quilty pal made me 6m of bunting for the wedding in all the wedding colours and fabrics. She made a smashing job of it and it has become the family birthday bunting to be hung over the fireplaces. You can also see a cardboard ball I made (one of four), I found the instructions through Pinterest, which I think many people have found and lost themselves in by now! I love Pinterest and have found the images there very inspiring. I have used a couple of ideas and find it a bit like pulling pages from a magazine. Who knows when these sparks of ideas will be kindled and it's lovely to see themes emerging in the images I've pinned so see a summation of what makes me tick visually. I caught some of Kirsty Allsops series being replayed a while back and though she grates a little (as she seems to think she's being thrifty spending out ££££££'s ad £££££££'s on making and doing- because it's jolly, rather than a necessity) she did do some interesting bits and bobs. She visited Cath Kidstone, now I used to really like Cath.....and then she became obligatory, ranges in Fenwicks, features in all the broadsheet colour supplements, I guess I'm perverse but the more people think something will be 'my thing' the more I kick against it. Anyway Kirsty visited Cath and it was really refreshing; her kitchen was nothing like a room set in her shop. It was sleek, she said that that was because that was what she wanted and liked and it's practical. Some kitchenware was from her product range other bits were vintage and mis matched. Her message was not to worry too much about making things 'go' together but that if you buy/collect/make what you really love then your character will show through and your house will have a cohesion based on the fact you selected an item. A decorating theme of 'Things I like'? Sounds good to me!
Gosh that got a bit waffly didn't it? Next I will share some memories and images from the honeymoon- don't worry, I'll keep it clean!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The knot is tied

Two weeks ago today we got hitched. Well and truly properly married, after 16 years together we know we get along just fine and our wedding day was perfect. We had a tiny ceremony with just 22 in total- but all dear family and everyone helped to celebrate and make the day what it was.
Will was our ring bearer, he and Anna stood with us for the ceremony, it was a very relaxed civil ceremony and the 'officials' were very friendly and went with the flow- which you couldn't really fight with 8 under 10's present!
Anna was my bridesmaid, the fabric she chose for her dress set the colour scheme for the wedding. Mum did a brilliant job on her frock and Will's waistcoat. They looked super cool! Dad gave me away which made me very proud- my parents are a huge part of my life and I wanted them to be a big part of my wedding day.

The whole ceremony was full of smiles and gulping back happy tears- I had waterproof mascara and a spare pair of contacts but managed to hold myself together until the reception when a sweet gesture by Mum and Dad left me sobbing like a baby! The reception was tailored to amuse both young and old with challenges, quiz and a bouncy castle. Everyone was so well behaved!
I will show you more of the handmade detail later but the dress was off the peg as I am no dress maker. It is destined to be cut up as just cleaning it would be a nightmare; that back lacing will be the tape for wedding bunting to go up on our anniversaries.
We were very lucky to receive some gorgeous hand made gifts and once again I shall get the camera out to show and tell now things are finally settling down. I hadn't realised just how much time and energy I'd been spending on organising and anticipating, far from feeling 'flat' I feel deeply content and ready for whatever the future may bring with my gorgeous husband.
Just a last little snippet from 'Don'ts for wives; 'Don't cease to be lovers because you are married. There is no need for the honeymoon to come to an end while you live'. xxx