Sunday, 25 July 2010

chin chinery, chin chinery, chin chin cheroooo

I finally used some of my strokey wool stash and made a Baktus! I won a give away a while back from Tiny White Daisies which amazingly included FOUR balls of Noro and some very lovely wooden needles. I wasn't sure what special thing to make with them until I started seeing Baktus scarves appearing on other blogs. These scarves are increased along one edge until you get to 'the middle' (half way through your yarn) and then decreased. They can be worn in all sorts of ways and obviously how big they come out depends on the quantity of yarn and tension. I used a pattern from Flickr to make this and it has a very simple lacy pattern. Because Noro is quite knobbly the edges came out less crisp than the Flickr example so I added a simple three row crochet edging to neaten it.

I also made a simple crochet brooch to match and fasten the brooch in the collar position. I sill have two balls of Noro left and think that a clutch may be in order. I am also making another Baktus as a gift and plan to thread through the eyelets with fabric strips and edge with twinkling beads. I must take a moment to apologise for the intrusion in these pictures of several random chins. Lord alone knows where they came from- although I suspect they are made entirely from Cider and cake. xx

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The fairytale of

Sandwich. So here is the work of the lovely friend who reviewed the polymer book for me. Suz also has a face book page for her Little Kooky creations. Suz has been a total reminder for me of the 'not judging a book lesson'. I have been standing in the playground with Suz for a year and a half thinking how intimidatingly well turned out she is, how she would definitely think I was a total scuzz and complete nutter. Now we know each other better that is, of course, what she thinks- it's what I am- But I don't have to be ashamed because now I know that Suz makes stuff too, that she get's 'it', the whole making thing.
You just never know do you, what those play ground Mums get up to behind closed doors! Maybe they're making pixies......

Monday, 19 July 2010

Just wanna be- your little (clay) teddy bear

I have totally cheated with reviewing this book as I asked a good friend who works with Polymer clay to do it for me!

This is just the perfect little book to bring out on rainy days, packed full of delightful little bears for every occasion from Valentine bears to Indian bears, there’s even a gypsy bear complete with earrings and a crystal ball! From the moment you open the book you feel compelled to try the projects which are all very well explained and have simple step by step instructions, Simple enough for beginners yet interesting enough to keep someone with a little more experience happy. The projects are not too time consuming which is also a plus if you want to try them with Children, my five year old fell in love with the baby bear and just had to make it that very moment! So if you’re looking for little projects to dip in an out of this book is a winner.'

So Suz liked it- which is ace. My next post will show some of Suz's work and links to her facebook page- (I'm putting this in a separate post to avoid Polymer confusion!)

Monday, 12 July 2010

Thank you for being a friend

I got a parcel! I got a friendship swap parcel from Tia and it's lovely.Not that I'm bragging you understand...just chuffed. I have worn my band to work to perk me up on a day when I thought I might need a reminder of friendship and it did work, making me glow a bit when I looked at it. I have also added some of the beads to some bunting for my niece. I haven't decided what treasure I shall allow to grace my gorgeous tortoise case yet- it'll have to be special and clean!

I used the sweeties shortly after opening the parcel to bribe the kid into submission giving me time to look through all the charm squares- (the owls are my bestest). The little butterfly notebook looks like it belongs in the handbag of a highly organised young woman, which is a shame because it's going to live in mine- which might help become more like that young woman (or it will give the kids something to play noughts and crosses in in cafes when I have been a rubbish Mum again and failed to provide any other entertainment). Thank you Tia, thanks for taking part and thanks for my heart lifting parcel.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Everyday, everyday, everyday I read the book

I have enjoyed my mammoth hair clip making session and have already sold four pairs to a lovely lady at work. I have tried to make some in the local school colours for the fair but mostly I enjoyed matching felt thread and buttons.

The other goodies shown are birthday gifts I was lucky enough to receive. My sister in law made the fabulous button choker and the purse and brooch are from Ness. I am thrilled with my stack of books and I am really looking forward to doing some more patchwork and quilting, I am definitely an enthusiastic amateur! I am a little more experienced in the demanding and skilled field of shoe collecting. These are Oxygen shoes, in London style bought from E-bay- God I love these shoes.
I apologise about the lack of links- I should be putting dinner in the oven- but I figure every one's too hot to eat anyway....right?

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


It has been too long since I had a good old session making 'fings' pretty, colourful, cute, frivolous 'fings'. So, I'm having a play, soon I shall be able to show you what I've come up with from these piles of hair clips and ties- it's like felt alchemy!

I have managed to find time to play with the sari ribbon I was kindly sent recently and made this bright and summery brooch. I also received a couple of lovely packages which have kept the inspiration for a little frippery bowling along. Lisa from Noodle bubble very sweetly sent me some buttons, and I am having a really cool time making something for my partner in her bird swap. I also got all choked when I received this ATC as a random act of kindness from a lovely Embroiderers Guild friend. I do hope that I will soon be able to direct you to the makers blog. So more crafting soon, I've missed the makey feeling and with some amazing books which I received for my birthday I am certainly not running out of ideas.