Tuesday, 6 July 2010


It has been too long since I had a good old session making 'fings' pretty, colourful, cute, frivolous 'fings'. So, I'm having a play, soon I shall be able to show you what I've come up with from these piles of hair clips and ties- it's like felt alchemy!

I have managed to find time to play with the sari ribbon I was kindly sent recently and made this bright and summery brooch. I also received a couple of lovely packages which have kept the inspiration for a little frippery bowling along. Lisa from Noodle bubble very sweetly sent me some buttons, and I am having a really cool time making something for my partner in her bird swap. I also got all choked when I received this ATC as a random act of kindness from a lovely Embroiderers Guild friend. I do hope that I will soon be able to direct you to the makers blog. So more crafting soon, I've missed the makey feeling and with some amazing books which I received for my birthday I am certainly not running out of ideas.


wonderwoman said...

what a beautiful gift from your friend - looks like you are having fun with all those goodies!!


faeryfay said...

Love the brooch!

Jenny said...

Lovely little things Jenny!

Lululiz said...

The sari ribbon brooch is gorgeous! Bright and cheerful and so perfect for summer outfits.

karen said...

love what you've done with that sari silk and do you realise that this time last year was makey do!! where has it gone!! the time that is!

Griffin said...

Ahem... your birthday? Well in that case... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have lots of cake and booze... with kids, definitely booze!!

Skool's out, playtime is back! Have fun wiv fings.

I admit it... when I saw 'Hi-ho!' I instantly thought... silver lining... is she doing something with a silver lining?!

Clearly I am in need of help... as usual!

Lyn said...

I got one too! (still not sure what ATC stands for? please let me in on the secret!)