Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The fairytale of

Sandwich. So here is the work of the lovely friend who reviewed the polymer book for me. Suz also has a face book page for her Little Kooky creations. Suz has been a total reminder for me of the 'not judging a book lesson'. I have been standing in the playground with Suz for a year and a half thinking how intimidatingly well turned out she is, how she would definitely think I was a total scuzz and complete nutter. Now we know each other better that is, of course, what she thinks- it's what I am- But I don't have to be ashamed because now I know that Suz makes stuff too, that she get's 'it', the whole making thing.
You just never know do you, what those play ground Mums get up to behind closed doors! Maybe they're making pixies......