Monday, 19 July 2010

Just wanna be- your little (clay) teddy bear

I have totally cheated with reviewing this book as I asked a good friend who works with Polymer clay to do it for me!

This is just the perfect little book to bring out on rainy days, packed full of delightful little bears for every occasion from Valentine bears to Indian bears, there’s even a gypsy bear complete with earrings and a crystal ball! From the moment you open the book you feel compelled to try the projects which are all very well explained and have simple step by step instructions, Simple enough for beginners yet interesting enough to keep someone with a little more experience happy. The projects are not too time consuming which is also a plus if you want to try them with Children, my five year old fell in love with the baby bear and just had to make it that very moment! So if you’re looking for little projects to dip in an out of this book is a winner.'

So Suz liked it- which is ace. My next post will show some of Suz's work and links to her facebook page- (I'm putting this in a separate post to avoid Polymer confusion!)

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