Monday, 21 January 2013

In the bag

I bought some tiny squares of marbled fabric at the knitting and stitching show eighteen months ago and decided the other day that it was time to stitch them together. I didn't want to loose any fabric so made the seams a feature and hand stitched as the squares are so small. One I had a strip I decided to applique it onto some nice wool fabric which had arrived in a donated fabric stash. Also in the bag was a blue cord skirt- great for a lining and I worked on the hem which I had cut off to neaten it up for straps.

I wanted to add a flap to the bag for some weather proofing and security. I used reverse applique to make the flap, again using material I'd been given and also a large crochet flower I made ages ago. This has certainly been a stash buster, and apart from those squares, which I think were £2.50 ish I haven't spent a bean making it

Working on the course has been a great discipline, but it is nice to fiddle about for no good reason and see what I can come up with. Back to the real work now, I have a pomegranate awaiting sketching and the next stitch sample is French knots and Bullion knots- beurgh! xxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Super fly

Fly stitch=tick! 
This was a fun one- I liked the grids and patterns which could be built by twisting and over-laying this stitch. I liked working the stitch through button holes- I'll certainly be doing that again!
How are you all? Are things good with you? Lets focus on the good stuff shall we? We had a stash swap at the makey group today, it was lovely, I came away with some lush Rowan yarn and a cute little heart shaped wooden box ready to tart up for our Valentines swap. I found a chair for £10 which will go nicely with our 1930's Ercol set. My pal is going to be working in my home town once a week which might mean more chance to catch up for lunch and chats. Mum and Dad are going to sit for us on Friday night- snow allowing- so we can hang out with some new friends. On balance things are o.k. I have a finished bag to photograph and show you, I have more City and Guilds work to share. I have plenty. 

Friday, 11 January 2013


We had an outing to Bridport before Christmas. The kids were with us so not a great deal of mooching time but the Wool Shop had a cafe at the back so I got a few minutes for drooling. I pointed out this book and 'Lima' yarn to Simon. Much too expensive to treat myself but the perfect gift for me to work on over the festive period. I have since had a look about and it seems there is a cheaper yarn with a similar tension which I would like to have a fiddle with- perhaps for Easter or Valentines? (hint hint Mr Lewis) 
Things have got a bit complicated on the house front, I won't bore you with the details. I am trying to keep my spirits up though and am finding lots of creative and organising type energy. I have written a plan all over my Molly Makes calender to make sure I can complete the City and Guilds in time for the October deadline.  I think I am heading for another year of upheaval, underneath though I am confident I will be moving forward towards my goals. Stitch by stitch, inch by inch, pound by pound. Considering what we managed last year I know we can do it! xxx