Sunday, 25 November 2012


We are boycotting Tesco. I know that this company is a 'popular' target for anti-capitalist campaigners. We just think the way they dealt with not providing us with an phone service...for weeks....and then not giving a stuff about our complaints....was a bit crap and frankly it wasn't the first time we had felt let down by them. Anyway, I won't rattle on, it's a bit dull and makes us cross. SO I'll vent my spleen about something else shall I?
I have been made cross AGAIN this year by Christmas adverts. Last year I was depressed by all the ads which made me feel like I was the only one NOT in a size 10 party frock sipping champers with my beautiful friends and my cashmere sweater wearing hubby. I felt lonely and left out- even though I suspected it was all a trick and that everyone else was nursing a Baileys in their joggers too.
This year every advert I have seen seems to show a harassed Mummy doing it ALL. Hoovering, shopping, making up extra beds, slaving away but ultimately satisfied to see their happy family tuck into their roast and then wash up all afternoon whilst the family all eat chocolates and forget she exists. This isn't a bloody advert, this is real life- no? Surely ads should be aspirational (forget what I said about last year!) or is this what I should be aspiring too?
Anyway tonight I saw an advert which was different. This advert showed a family Christmas where Daddy was involved, Daddy was in the kitchen, Daddy was shouting at the kids- at last I called to Simon- at last! I quote myself 'whoever this company is we need to buy stuff from them!.......Unless it's ......Oh's Tesco'