Saturday, 25 April 2009

Pwetty pwetty fings

I dashed to the parcel office the moment I got home and found the little red card on the door mat. I was expecting maybe goodies for the Makey 'do' goodie bags, nothing actually for me though. I was very excited to find three parcels. One was indeed for the Makey 'do' and I will blog that amazing haul one the other blog in good time. In the second package were some stamps for a book I sent to Wonderwoman and,very generously, two fat quarters some gingham ribbon and some buttons. Thanks you for that lovely surprise!

The third package was the lovely necklace that I had chosen as my April pay day Folksy purchase. This is really beautiful, the beads are such a lovely colour and the necklace has a weight to it which is very pleasing and it came packaged up so nicely. I don't hesitate for a moment in sending you over to Concept Design Form to look at her other work.

It's not all take, take, take I did do a little posting of my own this week. When I received my hand spun wool from Knitz and Bitz I knew that I would be making at least one brooch and this was the first. The wool is lovely to knit. It is a brilliant tension and behaves itself beautifully. I am off to Folksy next to treat Mum to a hank of their yarn. And this brooch? This is for Zoe who spun the wool. I hope she likes it! x

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Pay day Folksy purchase

So yesterday was pay day-hurray! As with last month I opened up the Folksy page and chose my favourite thing.....this gorgeous necklace from Concept Design Form. I love the colour, as may be apparent by now my brain works very much in terms of colour. I can't wait to see this in the bead as it were and will then make a decision whether it will be a present for me, or someone else!
The colour thing is very strange, apparently as a child I would go nuts if my outfit didn't match. Even in my day job where I dispense medications I get temporarily stumped if a box colour changes, often I can't recall a brand name but will remember the colour of a capsule. I even have nick-names for meds dependant on their colour. I dread the day I phone a Dr about 'babies cardigans'- (Diazepam 5mg- a lovely soft yellow!) I have a similar affliction with song lyrics, I forget artists and song names but could hold whole conversations in lyrics! Do you have a brain that is wired for colour, sound, taste?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Lilly pond in progress

Yep, that's an iron-not very often you'll see one of those in my hands I can tell you. This ironing job is special though, I needed to iron the calico which will form the base for my Water Lilly project. I know calico is easier ironed damp, but my sewing is often done on the hoof so I had to grab the moment and get on this morning. Once I had sworn the worst of the creases out I got out my Pebeo Setacolour paint and brush. (I only have one pot of fabric paint- how lucky that it was this slightly sparkly soft blue colour!)

I have watered the paint down a little here and there and actually wonder if I should have dampened the fabric and worked wet-in-wet. I ironed again to set the colour and got a few more creases out of the now damp fabric. I do like the watery effect but want to soften it still further with a layer of lilac crystal organza, (at least I think that's what it is!). This is now trimmed and pinned on and the next stage is to get the hoop down, my box of blue threads out and start couching that gorgeous wool!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Thanks, I mean it, a huge thank you to all of you who helped me get rid of that huge pile of books. It felt great, I fell lighter somehow. We had a mad but lovely Easter with a house full of family, one box less stuff really did make a difference! All my tools etc got packed neatly away so had the torment of five days with no making.....I just drank a lot instead! But now chaos of a more woolly nature can return and this is a small section of my dining room table! We had an outing to Broadstairs on Saturday, playing on the beach, eating ice cream, blowing bubbles, and stumbling upon a new and fabulous wool shop. (sorry no link, they aren't on line yet) I rarely buy posh wool, preferring the odds and ends from the £1 basket but really pushed the boat out and treated myself to a variegated wool made in Peru. I looked at a book of patterns which are knittable from one skein but resisted, particularly with the image of that pile of unwanted books fresh in my memory. How weird I thought later when I had finished grinning all over my silly face when I saw that I had won this;

Zoe and her friend had decided to document their precess of dying an spinning a special edition yarn on their blog Knitz and Bitz. Someone suggested they used Monet's waterlilies for a colour theme and this is what Zoe came up with;

This wool is just amazing-it even contains Angelina for the sparkly light across the water, and just look at how 'right' the colours are. I feel totally over awed with the idea of using this but I have had a think about what I might do. First I am going to couch it onto a fabric base to make a representation of a water Lilly painting. I might add some surface embroidery, maybe some beads..... Secondly I want to make a little bag I might felt in gently with the embellishing machine. I will definitely make some brooches, the scalloped design would be perfect. After that I will see what I might have left for a knitted cuff....I quite fancy a picot edge or a lacy design but that project might g to my Mum who is a far superior knitter to me. This is all unless I see a better idea in that book, which I am ordering from the library! Thanks so much to Zoe, I do realise what a precious prize I have won and will do my best to do it justice. xx

Monday, 6 April 2009

QUICK! Emergency book giveaway!

I am hoping you guys can help me with this little domestic emergency. I have been umming and ahhing about these books for months now. Forty still remian after giveaways here, forcing them on friends etc. so this is it. For the next twenty four hours these are available to a good home in the u.k on a first come first served basis. Like before all I ask is that you look at the envelope when you get your book and send me the cost of postage back in stamps. I will post 2nd class as standard, other if you ask. Any that haven't had a taker by Wednesday afternoon will go to the charity shop. I am bunging this post up with just the picture for speed, but will be coming back and editing it with a list of all the titles through today. Heres hoping!!!!!!
Handmade Silk Paper Kath Russon
Beginners guide to stumpwork Kay Dennis
Creative Hand Embroidery Sue Newhouse
Goldwork Search Press
Crewel Embroidery Jane Rainbow
Mountmellick Embroidery Pat Trott


I got an award! Thanks Karen, I have had this one quite a while ago but my isn't it pretty? I would like to hand it on to two people this time, the two winners of the tiny giveaway; so Blueberry Patch and Urban Craft this is for you as are some of my little hair accessories. A big thanks to all of you who took the time to mooch my Folksy shop. The winners had picked these two as there favourites from the shop, and I was particularly pleased that folks chose a good cross section from across my 'range', it makes me feel a bit more confident before all the up-coming fairs that there will be something for everyone!

I am having a few traumas about space to keep my stash at the moment. Simon is usually very tolerant but he has said that he wants the wardrobe back to being clothes only and could I remove the forty hard-backs from the breakfast bar? (Misery!) I really need to find some creative solutions to this problem....any ideas gratefully received! I do think I deserve a little slack as we bought a tent this weekend, against my better judgement, and although I am not in any way a girl who 'can't live wivout straighteners' or 'need a fever duvet' I do need a hot shower in the morning and a cup of tea with fresh milk before I am safe to approach. I think it's going to be a fun summer!!!!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Goodie, goodie gum gums.

I have had my first batch of goodies for the Makey 'do' goodie bags. I received two batches of business cards and 60 (!) samples. If you'd like to see a picture hop over to the 'do' blog-link in sidebar- and have a look. Thanks so much to Swirly, especially for the extra lovelies that arrived in the box; fruit flakes for the children-which they love!- and all these buttons-for me! Presents for me are not necessary when sending packages for the goodie bags, but they do make my morning particularly lovely!!!
I have agreed to have a table at another craft event on the 1st of May, it's local so I might be able to sign up some more traders for the 'do', or at least publicise it a bit. I am also ready to advertise my brooch making evenings so can print some fliers for that. I am really enjoying making more brooches and developing some new ideas for hair ties and clips but I do wonder if I might not be missing out on projects which are a bit more sustained and develop my skills. I rootled about in my boxes and found this apple casket which needs finishing. I think between making products I might wrangle with this box a bit more and hopefully come up with something really unique, just for the love of it.

I have had some lovely comments on the giveaway post below. I will draw names on Monday morning for the two winners. Can I please make that familiar plea-please make sure I can contact you if you are a winner!
Thanks, x