Monday, 6 April 2009

QUICK! Emergency book giveaway!

I am hoping you guys can help me with this little domestic emergency. I have been umming and ahhing about these books for months now. Forty still remian after giveaways here, forcing them on friends etc. so this is it. For the next twenty four hours these are available to a good home in the u.k on a first come first served basis. Like before all I ask is that you look at the envelope when you get your book and send me the cost of postage back in stamps. I will post 2nd class as standard, other if you ask. Any that haven't had a taker by Wednesday afternoon will go to the charity shop. I am bunging this post up with just the picture for speed, but will be coming back and editing it with a list of all the titles through today. Heres hoping!!!!!!
Handmade Silk Paper Kath Russon
Beginners guide to stumpwork Kay Dennis
Creative Hand Embroidery Sue Newhouse
Goldwork Search Press
Crewel Embroidery Jane Rainbow
Mountmellick Embroidery Pat Trott


Jude said...

Yes, please, anything, handicrafty, crocheting, quilty,
My son has a new address now and a live in partner who seems to be organising him abit more.
I'm not going over again until Sept. so no rush (well, there is for you) and I will have to bring them back by plane..

Jude said...

ps, not 'quilts to wear' or 'soft toys'!!

Swirlyarts said...

Oooooooh!! Can I claim a couple please? I enlarged the picture so I could have a look at the titles! Can't see them all but I can see a few! Could I have Lost Crafts (I looked at this in Waterstones the other day!)and embroidered textiles please. Actually can I be cheeky and claim a third too? Creative hand embroidery too please. If I am being cheeky then only send me one.

JuliaB said...

boo hoo! I fancied the lost craft one but Swirly has got there first.... If you have anything for beginning quilting - ie: BASIC quilting, then that, but otherwise I will leave the rest for everyone else.

ps: i haven;t forgotton about your soap, just need to get myself organised and back 'online' after the weekend!

Rose said...

I'd love to have the mosaics in a weekend... we're in the middle of buying rather a tatty old house - hopefully it would inspire me to make pretty things!

I can transfer the money via paypal for the postage if that's easier..

treaclezoo said...

squeal! I have borrowed "Beginners guide to stumpwork by Kay Dennis" several times from the library and would love to own a copy! Yes please if it's still available, tyvm x

Laura Cameron said...

How generous of you! Can I have the making silk paper or the book of stitches please!

Fabric Nation said...

Oh, yes please! Could I have xmas stocking presents, soft toys and and cushions! Couldn't quite see them all. BUT... as an alternative I was also thinking that perhaps we could bring unused craft books to the Makey Do and have a swap or for visitors to take away - what do you think? You have a great selection here and I'm sure they would go at the Makey Do and would make a nice addition to the event if we brought some along too, with a promise hat we drop them off at the charity shop if any are unused before the shop closes on Saturday!

fizzypopov said...

Hi, saw your generous offer on the folksy forum... Could I ask you to reserve any of the following:
Embroidered Textiles
Ideas for machine embroidery
C Howard Book of stitches

or any to do with textiles/machine embroidery/felting

many thanks, fiona

jennyflower said...

Thanks guys, the pile is shrinking! Please make sure I can contact you for a postal address or the books will have to stay on the up-for-grabs list! Off to pack- xxx

wonderwoman said...

ooh would love embroidered textiles or anything on hand stitching!


Jackie said...

If I didn't already have The Art of the Needle I would be asking for it, its a super book as is embroidered textiles. How can you bear to part with them?
You seem to have mad a lot of people happy.


Hi Jenny
This great!! can't belive you are getting rid of books!! I'll have anyof the below if not allreay gone
Angels and Cherubs
Needle Lace
Quilting - any!

Sharnemainia knits said...

any quliting ones or knitting ones??? let me know!

WEE said...

Sorry to be a greedy one but can I have any or all of the following

Imagery on fabric
drawing and design for embroidery
needlecraft project

Thanks heaps

Pickled Weasel said...

Hello! Anything left? I don't really mind what I get, but I would prefer something about embroidery if possible or anything about printing / drawing / painting on fabric. Thank you very much!

Poppy Cottage said...

Wow!!! How can you get rid of books, hope my children don't see this post. My daughter took photo's of my books to put them on e-bay!!!! Has the lost crafts been taken? Or anything as I can read it then pass it onto my friend who works with children with learning difficulties.

Thank you.

Colette x

Primrose Corner said...

Oh! That's very generaous of you... If they havn'g already been claimed I'd love either of the embroidery ones.... (the Embroidery by Pat Trott or the 'Creative Hand embroidery.. Newhouse) Promise I'll return the postage.

meplusmolly said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I've visited the makey-do blog and left a comment about contributing to the goodie bags! ;0

kerli said...


I would love something on soft toys and/or embroidery. The only book I can see that I own in that pile is the mediaeval embroideres one. Oh, oh, I hope the alphabet book hasn't been claimed yet! :)


jennyflower said...

Kerli and Rose you are welcome to the Alphabet ans Mosaic book but I have no way of contacting you-please comment again with an e-mail by the end of today. The books need to go tommorrow! Thanks Jen xxxxx

kerli said... :)


Griffin said...

Coo! I'll have the Illuminated Alphabet if you're sure you don't want it.

Sigh... and if it's still available, which it probably isn't now... teach me to be too late, gromble, gromble!

I am impressed at your courage in getting rid of books... I have bought about four in the last two weeks!

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks for the cushion book! and happy easter. x

Kim McBirnie said...

Hi Jenny, have you tried Greenmetropolis? We're terrible book hoarders I must admit, but when we do feel the need to get rid, I tend to put books on there. Hope you have had a good weekend.
Kim xx