Sunday, 31 August 2008

Pots and Bots

What a lucky little family we are! Lots more lovely things came our way courtesy of family and Blog land friends. Gina has been having a sort out of her family dressing up outfits and we put in a request for Woody. We got in first and within a couple of days the post man had this ace outfit for Will, (and I'm sure Anna when she can get her sticky little mitts on it!) Thanks so much Gina you are a very clever lady, this is such a top-notch outfit and as you can see from his little face Will was thrilled.
Anna has also been modelling a new garment. This is the last item from the 'Grans trousers' parcel. I love these bloomers and the embroidery on Anna's back pocket reads; 'cute or what?', well that really does all depend on what might be lurking in her nappy but the trousers are darling and she now even has a matching dress and hairband. Thanks to Gran then for keeping at least three members of the household looking cute!

I haven't been left out from the presents, Dad has given me free choice from his latest batch of lathe-turned ring I have taken most of them! The are gorgeous and smooth and I can certainly fill them with button rings, but I do think they deserve something with maybe a carat rating not something tied out of Scobidou. (hint hint!) I realise that recent posts ave been very light on actual crafting action by me, mostly I've been turning out hair clips for my latest farmers market which was yesterday. It was much more successful than the first, but it is all relative. I'm sure having Mum with me helped. I was much more relaxed and I think the average markets customers found Mum more approachable than me. I shall be breaking out the twin-set and pearls for next month, and maybe packing away the Diet coke and attitude. This months big sellers were.....a bit of everything, which at least means I have the range and price right....hard to think it might be me that is 'wrong'!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

It's clothing Jim-but not as we know it!

I'm sure the only reason some of you are still visiting my blog is in the hope that you might get a glimpse of these babies! Anna's nappy leaked all over Daddys legs this afternoon and he came down stairs in his new trousers made by my Mum.

Mum thinks they are awful and a crime against man, fashion, fabric and all things holy.....we think they are ace!
I am particularly in love with Simons arse obviously but more precisely these contrast pockets from a fabric sample book.
In other, less exciting business I couldn't remember if I'd shown you my new line in brooches. I embellished a tiny piece of felt, cut two circles much larger and in a complementary colour. Then I used my Cuttlebug to cut a tiny window for the embellished area and added pretty bits. I really like these and will be trying this one on Folksy. I love the fact the brooches make a little material go along way.
The shop I sell brooches to in Deal had given me a list of their 'Autumn colours', in which I dutifully made some brooches but I have to say my heart wasn't totally in it. I have never been a girl to get excited about beige being the new green and all that stuff and nonsense. Anyway I had to cleanse my creative soul and did it by making these; fluffy pink is not the new black, orange net is not the new silk, that is not a semi-precious stone at the's just fun. I love it....for me this is what it's about. I think I have had a tiny epiphany; I don't like tasteful. It doesn't sing to my soul. This does!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Still not my birthday!

So here are the rest of the pics from my parcel opening bliss. Anna will never be allowed to wear my clips again, she just made a cute model. (Also I knew that my own styling had revealed quite a bit of grey!) I have to tell you also that this was not the only fantastic post we opened today, no siree I also received a well loved jiffy bag from the well loved Daisy containing some exclusive new creations for comment and adoration. I am one lucky, happy, and beautifully accesorised chick-a dee! Keep an eye on Dasiys blog and shops to get a glimpse of her latest lines in loveliness. xxx

Friday, 22 August 2008

It's not even my birthday!

I picked up my parcel and it was chock-a-block-ram-full-bursting at the seams with treasure. The huge box was decorated with a cotton reel stamp, the parcels were wrapped in tissue pattern pieces and beautiful coloured tape. The little card in the package was gorgeous. Three parcels, one for each of us to open and Anna dived straight in to find the sparkly beads sitting atop the lot. Will opened the bookmarks themselves, I had spotted them on the Flicker group that has been set up for the swap but I never dared hope they might be heading my way. I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous these are, hand embroidered, patchworked, reverse appliqued loveliness. Anna opened my books, Winnie the Pooh baking (I already have a figure that closely resembles the bear himself and getting stuck in a hole is about the only way you'd get me to diet too!!!) and a vintage stitching book, too precious! The final package which I opened myself were hairclips and a needlecase, (by this point I was almost weeping!) two felt lovelies and two very clever button slides and a linen item of sophistication previously unseen at this address. I cannot believe that all these are mine, I'm not lusting after them on Etsy or anything they are actually in my house.....for me......THANK YOU MARY (I couldn't get any more pics on this post so will pop the rest of the photos onto the next post)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Awards and's what it's all about!

I have been very rude and it has taken me a stupidly long time to say 'thanks girls' for my 'I love your Blog award'. I was Lucky enough to receive this twice; from Tip Top, who is a new blog friend and Daisy who I hope will take it it the right way when I call her an old favorite. I think this is a really cute award and it has rules and everything but I have taken o long to pass this on that I am planning not to hand it on but to review my side bar links and maybe add some more blogs which I get really excited about!

I don' wish to brag but I also got a particularly special award which Marmaladekiss designed especially for me in honour of a particularly silly comment I left on he Blog. (can anyone explain to me why I can leave naughty comments on other peoples Blogs but keep my own quite sanitised?) Anyway the 'Larf' award will be kept for the next time a blog makes me chuckle. It happens quite often so who knows who might get it!

The other pictures included on this post (and who but Blogger knows where they might end up!) are of my creations for Ibby Bees bookmark swap. I made one from card and some ace strips of fairy paper and added fibres and beads. The middle one is felt cut with my Cuttlebug. I really enjoyed this one and I think it would actually look ace appliqued onto a jumper. For the final bookmark I used some pierced paper stuff for doing cross-stitch on an added some pretty buttons. I had no idea how to finish this one and I have a bad feeling that it might not really last in active service. My swap partner (from Oklahoma!- surreal-keep singing and elephants eyes!) mailed to say that they, and the book which was also part of the swap had arrived and she was pleased with them. The post man couldn't get a parcel through my door today so maybe I have a bookmark surprise waiting for me too. Off to eat pumpkin cake......and you know y'all....'you cant get a man with a gun'. ( I beg to disagree!)

Monday, 18 August 2008

Pampering and pumpkins

It is going to be a hectic few weeks here at chez chaos. We have had guests for the last two weekends and will have for the next two. It's lovely to see everyone but there has been little time for crafting and blogging. I have managed to squeeze in making some more brooches for Tamarisk' in Deal and taking my wares along to a pamper party. The pamper party was pleasant but not a big seller. I have worked in retail all my life but selling my own creations has me shaking in my shoes. Simon thinks that because of this selling through shops is the way to go but I almost feel that because I put myself into what I make I am part of the 'product'. Does that make any sense at all or am I nuts? Anyway no giving up here yet-no way! The other big time-consumer this weekend has been the creation of Simon's birthday cake. Today Simon is 34 and as he is currently obsessed with he ripening of his pet pumpkin he put in a request for a pumpkin birthday cake. Yes I do mean a cake that look like a pumpkin not a cake made of the precious veg! This was a bit of a challenge as Simon loathes fondant icing so I went for a good old Vicky sponge, (dyed orange) with green buttercream and apricot jam to sandwich it. I melted a bar of plain chocolate to make mud and added nuts and chocolate sprinkles. Then I went to town with a block of marzipan making a replica pet pumpkin. I wonder if he'll have the heart to eat it!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

A trio of tiny exciting things.

(Right this post should have three pics and as I am a bit useless at the whole techno thing I have no idea what order they'll end up in, but you're clever peps and I'm sure you'll figure it out!) Three things have happened this week which have kicked my lazy arse back into posting action.
1; My swap package arrived from Sara . She has made me things for my kitchen which are so personalised and it makes me feel very special. The cup of tea is particularly apt as tea is my constant companion and everyone round here knows that 'I just need to drink my tea' is code for 'sod off!'. There was other treasure with my swap; a smoothie book, some tiny cake cases and a flower cutter but I have children and have to role-model the whole sharing thing!
2; Three members of the family received trousers made by gran. There will be more pics to follow. Here (somewhere!) is Will in his They are made from a dress Mum got at the Jumbley. They are ace and he carries cool clothes off so well. Here he is getting ready to go to Ella G's party where there was an outdoor chocolate fountain. It was very windy and very funny watching the kids getting splattered with high velocity Dairy Milk! (keep watching for pics of Anna in more bloomers and Simon in THE TROUSERS!!!!!)
3; I made my first Folksy sale. A lovely lady bought a set of notelets and I am so chuffed! Didn't realise that apart from listing fees and commission from sites (although not during the trial period) Paypal also take their cut! Still a lovely way to sell and I'll definitely list some more.

Monday, 4 August 2008


Look what I got!
Marmalade kiss gave me the first in honour of my 'cheery nature' (anyone who has met me should stop laughing right now or else!) which is just lovely. I think Julia has a really cool outlook on life and I really get the feeling that her Blog is true to her character. The wylde woman award came from Daisy with such a lovely comment. Daisy is so open and friendly and encouraging and gorgeous and I love having her as a friend. I know there are all sorts of rules associated with these kind of awards but the spirit of the second is to send it onto whoever inspires you and makes you feel generally good about the world and the future of the human race....I think. Also I need to link to the originators blog. I thought all morning about who I might pass one or both of these awards onto and I came to the conclusion that I should look back and see who had been 'with me' from the very beginning of this Blog journey and therefore I am giving particularly the Wylde woman award to Iris and Lilly. Sharon has been really kind and encouraging all the way through. I love when her blog updates and I can peek in and see what is happening in her world. So thanks for being a Wylde're ace!