Saturday, 23 August 2008

Still not my birthday!

So here are the rest of the pics from my parcel opening bliss. Anna will never be allowed to wear my clips again, she just made a cute model. (Also I knew that my own styling had revealed quite a bit of grey!) I have to tell you also that this was not the only fantastic post we opened today, no siree I also received a well loved jiffy bag from the well loved Daisy containing some exclusive new creations for comment and adoration. I am one lucky, happy, and beautifully accesorised chick-a dee! Keep an eye on Dasiys blog and shops to get a glimpse of her latest lines in loveliness. xxx

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Purple and Paisley said...

what gorgeous stuff! and your anna? she is such a little doll! if you and simon need a babysitter, you could drop her off at my house! or would that be too much out of the way? giggle...=)