Saturday, 9 August 2008

A trio of tiny exciting things.

(Right this post should have three pics and as I am a bit useless at the whole techno thing I have no idea what order they'll end up in, but you're clever peps and I'm sure you'll figure it out!) Three things have happened this week which have kicked my lazy arse back into posting action.
1; My swap package arrived from Sara . She has made me things for my kitchen which are so personalised and it makes me feel very special. The cup of tea is particularly apt as tea is my constant companion and everyone round here knows that 'I just need to drink my tea' is code for 'sod off!'. There was other treasure with my swap; a smoothie book, some tiny cake cases and a flower cutter but I have children and have to role-model the whole sharing thing!
2; Three members of the family received trousers made by gran. There will be more pics to follow. Here (somewhere!) is Will in his They are made from a dress Mum got at the Jumbley. They are ace and he carries cool clothes off so well. Here he is getting ready to go to Ella G's party where there was an outdoor chocolate fountain. It was very windy and very funny watching the kids getting splattered with high velocity Dairy Milk! (keep watching for pics of Anna in more bloomers and Simon in THE TROUSERS!!!!!)
3; I made my first Folksy sale. A lovely lady bought a set of notelets and I am so chuffed! Didn't realise that apart from listing fees and commission from sites (although not during the trial period) Paypal also take their cut! Still a lovely way to sell and I'll definitely list some more.


Daisie said...

Many many congratulations on the folksy sale! Feels good doesn't it!? I keep meaning to find time (and stock) to open mine.
Gran is wonderful. Will's trollies are brill! The curtains he's standing next to could be a lovely match for my new lamp shades (perhaps the griffin was right?).

Griffin said...

Will's trews are fab! I can't wait to see THE TROUSERS!!! Does he look like a big version of Will in them?

Glad you're selling stuff on Folksy, you know I think you're a fab crafter and even if paypal is being cheeky at least you are selling stuff. A ceramicist friend of mine told me it's not that they take a cut it's how much that counts. So long as you get most of it, that's what matters.

Daisie, every so often, usually just after a blue or blue-ish moon I am right. Every other time it's a wild guess!!

saraeden said...

Well done on your first folksy sale ... i still havent manged to list anything for sale yet !!!

So glad you like the swap package , it was fun to make and thank you again for mine !!

Sara x

p.s. i have still got the chocolate hidden for when i get a minute without kidlets ;0)

Ruth said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog (the fimo harry potter people post) I did risk swaps again after that one, and I'm glad I did because I have had some wonderfull parcels. The ongoing wish swap on is brilliant, you know you will get what you want on that. :)

karen said...

well done on the folksy sale. I opened there but have only put one thing in, should definitely give it more attention. I LOVE those trousers too!

Kate said...

Hello. Just popped by for a quick visit and a cup of tea (I like mine in a mug without a handle, please!). Well done for selling things - I was impressed with your market day, too (can I suggest some sort of shelter, though, for hot and cold days), and making the shop lady buy your brooches. Well done, you! I hope Will doesn't mind/realise his trousers are made from a dress!! Lol. He's the spit of his Dad, isn't he! Did I ever mention I used to live in Gillingham? xx

Tip Top said...

Well done!!!

Got a little something for you on my blog!

Gina said...

Love the trousers. And well done on the sale - it feels so good doesn't it!