Monday, 4 August 2008


Look what I got!
Marmalade kiss gave me the first in honour of my 'cheery nature' (anyone who has met me should stop laughing right now or else!) which is just lovely. I think Julia has a really cool outlook on life and I really get the feeling that her Blog is true to her character. The wylde woman award came from Daisy with such a lovely comment. Daisy is so open and friendly and encouraging and gorgeous and I love having her as a friend. I know there are all sorts of rules associated with these kind of awards but the spirit of the second is to send it onto whoever inspires you and makes you feel generally good about the world and the future of the human race....I think. Also I need to link to the originators blog. I thought all morning about who I might pass one or both of these awards onto and I came to the conclusion that I should look back and see who had been 'with me' from the very beginning of this Blog journey and therefore I am giving particularly the Wylde woman award to Iris and Lilly. Sharon has been really kind and encouraging all the way through. I love when her blog updates and I can peek in and see what is happening in her world. So thanks for being a Wylde're ace!


Genie said...

Congrats on your wild woman award.
Have a good week, Cheers Jean

Griffin said...

oh a 'cheery nature'... so that's what that was!!! ;)

Well I kind of see where she was going with that, tho' obviously you are a wylde woman at heart. Still a cheery wylde woman is ok.

Brook said...

hahah I got that blog award the other day but I dont know how to add it to my blog... hahahaha

Sharon said...

Thanks for the award!!Sorry it's a bit late, I thought I'd left this comment before we went camping! Sleeping in a field does the brain cells no favours!! xx