Monday, 18 August 2008

Pampering and pumpkins

It is going to be a hectic few weeks here at chez chaos. We have had guests for the last two weekends and will have for the next two. It's lovely to see everyone but there has been little time for crafting and blogging. I have managed to squeeze in making some more brooches for Tamarisk' in Deal and taking my wares along to a pamper party. The pamper party was pleasant but not a big seller. I have worked in retail all my life but selling my own creations has me shaking in my shoes. Simon thinks that because of this selling through shops is the way to go but I almost feel that because I put myself into what I make I am part of the 'product'. Does that make any sense at all or am I nuts? Anyway no giving up here yet-no way! The other big time-consumer this weekend has been the creation of Simon's birthday cake. Today Simon is 34 and as he is currently obsessed with he ripening of his pet pumpkin he put in a request for a pumpkin birthday cake. Yes I do mean a cake that look like a pumpkin not a cake made of the precious veg! This was a bit of a challenge as Simon loathes fondant icing so I went for a good old Vicky sponge, (dyed orange) with green buttercream and apricot jam to sandwich it. I melted a bar of plain chocolate to make mud and added nuts and chocolate sprinkles. Then I went to town with a block of marzipan making a replica pet pumpkin. I wonder if he'll have the heart to eat it!


Tip Top said...

Fantastic!! Looks too good to eat!

Gina said...

That cake is amazing Jenny. Hope he enjoys it!

Daisie said...

Simon's pumpkin is beautiful!!
You will find your niche when it comes to selling, and I think the more you sell the more confident you'll become about demanding money for your wonderful goodies!!

Indigo Blue said...

Just popped over. That is one fantastic cake!! Shame to cut and eat it. I am off to look at more of your blog.

Indigo Blue said...

Back again. Yes I do keep all of the little packets that come with clothes!! A box load. Rarely use them on the garment but on just about everything else. Great blog, will be back. Why not pop over if you have time. Like the bags. I have a bit of a bag fetish I am afraid.

Griffin said...

It's cake... how could he not eat it?! Besides the kids will if he won't!!

You are in a sense, a part of the product. Also, because you made each object, you put some of you in it. But when the customer buys it, they buy the object only. After all, they don't know you personally - they see an object they like and associate you as the maker only.

I agree with Simon, maybe selling through shops is better (depending on how much of a cut they take) as it gives you a little distance between you and the buyer. Oh, and
... Happy Birthday to Simon!

Jackie said...

SOLID marzipan?!! Heaven!!(Its because of things like this that you could have put me on that cake and it would still have looked like a pumpkin.)

karen said...

your products are absolutely part of you, we put so much of ourselves into them that sometimes I feel like I am selling my soul. It can be a huge handicap though and I am in no way aware of a solution! Sorry!

Kate said...

Great cake! (I just looked up pumpkin in my Joy of Cooking and there's no recipe for cake, but I bet it would be great. Moist and tasty!)
I think that making and selling are 2 different things entirely, and hawking one's own wares is far more daunting than selling something of someone else's in a shop. It's probably where we cause our own non-success in many ways. The making is the easy part, what to do with it the real 'problem' (and the downfall of self-publishers as well). I can only suggest being realistic about your prices and remembering the Sad Truth which I have learned over the years. In general, the people who understand the effort/cost involved in your work don't buy as they 'can make it myself', and the ones who can't make it buy most of their stuff in Primark and only want to pay a pound for everything.
Blaze a trail Girl!! xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Hello there
I've just found you via Marmaladekiss. I say that is a fabby cake. Some lovely stuff here.
Twiggy x