Thursday, 21 August 2008

Awards and's what it's all about!

I have been very rude and it has taken me a stupidly long time to say 'thanks girls' for my 'I love your Blog award'. I was Lucky enough to receive this twice; from Tip Top, who is a new blog friend and Daisy who I hope will take it it the right way when I call her an old favorite. I think this is a really cute award and it has rules and everything but I have taken o long to pass this on that I am planning not to hand it on but to review my side bar links and maybe add some more blogs which I get really excited about!

I don' wish to brag but I also got a particularly special award which Marmaladekiss designed especially for me in honour of a particularly silly comment I left on he Blog. (can anyone explain to me why I can leave naughty comments on other peoples Blogs but keep my own quite sanitised?) Anyway the 'Larf' award will be kept for the next time a blog makes me chuckle. It happens quite often so who knows who might get it!

The other pictures included on this post (and who but Blogger knows where they might end up!) are of my creations for Ibby Bees bookmark swap. I made one from card and some ace strips of fairy paper and added fibres and beads. The middle one is felt cut with my Cuttlebug. I really enjoyed this one and I think it would actually look ace appliqued onto a jumper. For the final bookmark I used some pierced paper stuff for doing cross-stitch on an added some pretty buttons. I had no idea how to finish this one and I have a bad feeling that it might not really last in active service. My swap partner (from Oklahoma!- surreal-keep singing and elephants eyes!) mailed to say that they, and the book which was also part of the swap had arrived and she was pleased with them. The post man couldn't get a parcel through my door today so maybe I have a bookmark surprise waiting for me too. Off to eat pumpkin cake......and you know y'all....'you cant get a man with a gun'. ( I beg to disagree!)


Tip Top said...

Hehehe!! I'd forgoton about the award and nice to see my name (I'll tell you my real one perhaps, one day. Unless Daisie or Swirly beat me to it!!) on a blog!

Pumpkin pie eh?!

Gina said...

Very pretty bookmarks. You've got me singing now... "The corn is as high...."
Time for bed I think.

Genie said...

Congrats on your awards, love the bookmarks