Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Shopping and tagging

Thanks to Anne and Annalise (sp?) for letting e tag along on their shopping trip to the Paper Mil at Ashford this morning. (Garr look at my loverly pirate treasure!) and also thanks to Julia, aka Marmaladekiss for tagging me on her fantastico blog. I was doing Daisies tag in stages but I shall now perform an amazing feat and complete both tags in one entry........

Drum role.....fan fare.....short fat man in top hat and red tail coat etc. etc.

Here goes;

10 years ago I was; childless and had only been living in Kent with Simon for a year. I drank LOTS weighed.....next to nothing....and missed 'home' like crazy, still do.

Five things on my to-do list are; well Simons Mum arrives to stay tomorrow night so five is just a start! Clean bathroom, tidy Will's room, make up spare bed, buy brick sealant and a chorizo type sausage. (This is not for some bizarre torture for the poor lady, just tea!)......not the brick sealant that's just 'cause the house is falling apart. (see Julia, I told you-I'm rubbish at this!)

Snacks I enjoy; Most of them. Snacks for me tend to be a five-minutes-peace substitute if I hand out biscuits all round I buy myself a second of silence....until some little monster dips them in my tea and looses them.

If I was a billionaire; I'd see more of all the people I love and miss. And I'd study embroidery, properly.

I've lived; here (Sandwich Kent) and there (Weymouth)

I'd like to know more about; anyone who's reading my blog (this is a cheat, I'm meant to pass this on to six others....sorry.....rebel at heart!) If you have made it through to the end please leave a comment answering one of the questions, your choice, fair enough?

I'm nearly out of space for Daisies but here goes; three bestest crafting products ever; paper punches, double sided tape and Mulberry paper. If I could invent something it would be a tardis toy box you could just keep chucking the shit in and it would sort it for you. The last three books I've read are; ones with pretty covers; that's how I choose them and I can never remember titles. (don't tell my 'A' level English lecturer, he'd cry again, just like he did when I got my grades!) I don't really watch shopping channels; the mini dictators only allow CBBC and Beebies. I don't have any claims to fame. I lead a very simple life with no more glamour than maybe an occasional Pimms.

I'm sorry to put you through that.I love reading other peoples answers but even I find mine dull!

It's finished!

I've done it! Yesterday I put the label on the back of Annas' quilt and it's complete. I really enjoyed making this and apart from the points all being chopped off (!) I am really pleased with it. I got out the one that I'd made for Will and you can see that I've moved on. It's taken me about a year to do on and off but the hand quilting was really soothing. Can't wait to get started on mystery projects 1 and 2. I do have trouble on the blog with not wanting to give too much away about further presents!

Well here goes for another Tag question;

If I was spending 2 weeks on a dessert island for charity and could spend the frst week with my bestest celeb it would be; (thinks)........... Alan Davies (he's cute and funny and I could have a lot of fun hudling together for warmth!) and for the second week my worstest celeb would be..... Joanna Lumley, she iritates me anyway but I think she'd be doing all the 'when I did this before.......' stuff. Also although I think she's possibly old enough to be my Gran she'd look a damn sight more glam than me!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Aren't Grans GREAT?!

The children got a parcel this morning from my Mum containing theses treasures. Last time they'd been to stay Mum showed Will a pattern for a Thomas the tank cardigan. He showed an appropriate level of interest then carried on playing with his Cars the Movie toys. Mum got the hint and made this Lightning McQueen jumper instead. She designed it all herself and added details in felt applique, it's ace and both the children wanted to wear it on our day out! Anna has this new dress and bloomers. I started making a dress for myself from this fabric when I was at home (more than 10 years ago) but not with cute Ric-Rac braid! I think my Mum's just fantastic and I can't wait to show her how cute her Grandchildren look in her creations.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

13 years

Bank holiday Monday is mine and Simons 13th anniversary. We met in my home town of Weymouth and got together on Trawler Race Day. It all started with typical snogging in a nightclub type stuff and now here we are 13 years 2 children later. A lot has happened in those years, I guess we've sort of grown up together (a bit). Neither of us take life too seriously and are quite happy with the simple pleasures but I do wish the swine would MARRY ME!

(This card is another embellisher special. Will helped a lot and we had great fun making it. The inner heart is lovely sparkley beads but they don't really zing in the photo like they do in real life!)

Damn you Hancocks of Paducah, it's all too lovely!

I've been led astray in quite a big way. Those 'o 'so friendly chaps at Hancocks of Paducah (not as much fun to type as to say) kindly dropped me a mail the other day to let me know that they had some rather super new fabric in. Very nice too but I am a tight wad and if I am going to have to pay shipping than it has to be for something amazing in the bargain basement line. I have to be very careful not to give anything away here but I bought this, along with a fair bit of other lovely stuff, hoping to use it as a backing for a surprise present. Well it looked black and white on line but of course it isn't. So I went back to place another order for some more cheap fabric to finish off project 'X' and quite a bit more from this range to utilise this piece......good money after bad?....I think not!

This one's for Daisy

Well actually it's for Sarah at works baby! Daisy I hope this fills your need to see small garments. I really enjoyed knitting these teeny tiny little treasures, the cardigan is seriously small and would fit a little dolly. I'm going to be doing a lot more little knitting as two really close friends are expecting babies this summer. I got a bit carried away on Etsy and have ordered some sewing patterns too but more of that later. I haven't forgotten that Daisy tagged me the other day but I can only manage one question at a time as I am using up so much brain power on planning future surprises (and remembering not to dribble or shuffle!) So in a film of my life I would be played by Cameron Diaz in my dreams and a stunted Brian Blessed for realism!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Retail therapy

I have been very busy knitting tiny clothes but this morning I realised that I've lent the fine circular needle (that I had no idea why I had) to a friend and the reason I had it was to finish the edging on the baby cardie I'm knitting.....duh!!! I got over my frustration by visiting the charity shop and buying the above! I know I've whinged before about the prices in one of our towns charity shops but the Sue Ryder shop obviously has a different policy the table runner, eight place mats and eight napkins were £3.95. Some of the cut work is a bit frayed but the colours are gorgeous and someone obviously worked really really hard making them. I also picked up some cheap hair ties from work which will be perfect as more closures for lovely pouches and I plan to hang to some beaded dangley bits for the slides, watch this space!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Embellished heath

Next weekend we are

off to Gloustershire to celebrate Simon's Great Uncle Alans' 85th birthday. We all have a lot to thank Uncle Alan for; he was then first importer of Birkenstocks to the U.K! Uncle Alan is big on the environment and has always been an out-doorsy type so I thought I'd embellish him a landscape. This really evolved itself, it was going to be trees and bluebells but the eye lash wool took over and a tiny hint of the purple and orange and it had to be heathland. I just have to mount this on a cream card blank and we're off! If anyone has hot tips for fabric/craft shops near Stroud I'd be glad to hear!