Tuesday, 27 May 2008

It's finished!

I've done it! Yesterday I put the label on the back of Annas' quilt and it's complete. I really enjoyed making this and apart from the points all being chopped off (!) I am really pleased with it. I got out the one that I'd made for Will and you can see that I've moved on. It's taken me about a year to do on and off but the hand quilting was really soothing. Can't wait to get started on mystery projects 1 and 2. I do have trouble on the blog with not wanting to give too much away about further presents!

Well here goes for another Tag question;

If I was spending 2 weeks on a dessert island for charity and could spend the frst week with my bestest celeb it would be; (thinks)........... Alan Davies (he's cute and funny and I could have a lot of fun hudling together for warmth!) and for the second week my worstest celeb would be..... Joanna Lumley, she iritates me anyway but I think she'd be doing all the 'when I did this before.......' stuff. Also although I think she's possibly old enough to be my Gran she'd look a damn sight more glam than me!


purple and paisley said...

beautiful! and your little one is a doll face! can you give her a big squishy hug from me? =) and you never said...is there anything i can send to you in return for the pattern you sent me?????

Daisie said...

It was worth the wait, beautiful, well done you!